MatrikonOPC releases OPC Server for LonWorks

  • September 28, 2010
  • MatrikonOPC

September 28, 2010 – MatrikonOPC released its OPC Server for LonWorks. This OPC Server provides open connectivity for real-time data access between LonWorks—a control networking technology platform—and other control system components such as HMIs, historians and ERP systems. From a “single seat” workstation, building automation professionals can control and monitor their LonWorks-enabled systems such as lighting control, shading control, HVAC, access and security, and energy management systems. Flexibility and ease of use were key design factors in the development of this OPC Server. As a result, the MatrikonOPC Server for LonWorks also includes an integrated device discovery and exploration tool that enables users to easily view all devices on their LonWorks network. With its built-in tag-level security, the LonWorks OPC Server helps protect the integrity of building automation systems. Based on each user’s login, this OPC Server selectively grants or denies access to specific tags, providing secure access to building automation data. Granular control over data access helps prevent accidental or intentional unauthorized OPC data access. This role-based security adds another layer to a system’s overall defense-in-depth strategy.Benefits of the MatrikonOPC Server for LonWorks include:

  • Auto device discovery (including LonWorks devices and routers)
  • Support for Lontalk protocol
  • OPC Security: configure users to have read-only tag access
  • ‚ÄúSecure access to real-time data is critical in building automation systems and data center applications. The MatrikonOPC Server for LonWorks provides maximum security and connectivity to help users run their buildings and data centers more efficiently,‚Äù said Sean Leonard, Matrikon‚Äôs vice president of OPC products.About MatrikonOPCMatrikonOPC provides equipment data connectivity software based on the OPC standard. The MatrikonOPC promise is to empower customers with reliable data access to all major automation vendors‚Äô systems, provide practical OPC training and deliver superior client care. MatrikonOPC builds close relationships with its customers to best address their business and technical needs. With offices in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, MatrikonOPC provides local presence on a global scale. MatrikonOPC is a vendor neutral connectivity supplier.

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