Maxon introduces EPOS2 70/10 positioning drive

  • April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010 - Maxon announces EPOS2 70/10 drives DC brush motors with encoders or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoders, from 5 to 700 watts power. The unit is packed with a wide range of functions and features and can handle a multitude of operational modes (Position, Velocity, Current Mode and others) thus permitting flexible employment of drive systems in automation and mechatronics. Among other functions are «Step/Direction Mode» for step-by-step movement of the motor (as a replacement for a stepper motor) or «Master Encoder Mode» for the drive’s use in electronic gearing applications. Commanding via an analog set value voltage can also replace conventional servo amplifier applications. The EPOS2 70/10 features high-precision motion control functionality. The controller, for instance, offers a dual loop position and speed controller. This means that the load can be controlled extremely precisely and directly with an additional sensor, thus mechanical play and elasticity can be compensated for. Due to Interpolated Position Mode (PVT) the EPOS2 positioning drive is capable of synchronously running a path specified by interpolating points; this with great dynamics and high accuracy. During commissioning, «Regulation Tuning» permits an extremely efficient adjustment of current, velocity or position regulation. Its integration into the graphic user interface «EPOS Studio» allows fast parameterization. The unit can be controlled by means of a CAN Master (for example EPOS2 P, PLC, Soft PLC) or with PC via USB or RS232. The standardized CANopen interface permits integration and coordination of several drives. Additionally integrated gateway functions (USB-to-CAN, RS232-to-CAN) facilitate the access to CAN frameworks once more.

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