MTS Sensors adds Ethernet/IP Interface to R Series sensors

  • November 03, 2010
  • MTS Sensors

November 3, 2010 - MTS Systems added EtherNet/IP to its R-Series position sensors. The EtherNet/IP protocol was developed by Rockwell Automation and is managed by the ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association). By offering this interface on its R-Series models, MTS Sensors will enable connectivity with a large installed base of control devices that utilize the EtherNet/IP protocol. The R-Series EtherNet/IP sensor offers high performance with the reduced cabling and lower overall system cost provided by Industrial Ethernet. The R-Series sensors are available in a variety of mechanical styles ranging from 25 mm to 20,000 mm. Position and velocity measurements can be provided for multiple locations on the sensor to ensure optimum control characteristics even when driving complex, multi-position tasks. Available with many interface choices, including analog, SSI, DeviceNet, Profibus, CANbus, EtherCAT, POWERLINK and now EtherNet/IP, the sensors provide smart programmability, allowing configurations to be stored and recalled directly at the PLC / HMI for even faster setup times.

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