Nivis Announces WirelessHART Gateway

  • June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010 - Nivis released the WirelessHART Gateway, a reliable and secure wireless communication gateway for real world industrial plant applications. This dual protocol solution for low-cost field device communication is based on both the WirelessHART and ISA100.11a standards. The communication stacks and hardware will simultaneously support both protocols and wirelessly integrates both types of devices. As a result, users retain complete flexibility to reconfigure their networks as standards evolve in the future. The Nivis WirelessHART Gateway is an integral component to the creation of a WirelessHART network, facilitating communication between host applications and field devices in the network. The Gateway has been successfully tested for interoperability with several adaptors and sensors from leading suppliers including Emerson, MACTek and STG. The Gateway is available in two models:

  • VersaRouter 910 (VR910), an all inclusive, fully-brandable, hazardous location certified gateway complete with enclosure, and
  • VersaRouter 810 (VR810), a fully integratable and intrinsically safe certified module that is designed to be integrated into custom enclosures as an OEM module.
  • The VR910 and VR810 employ the Coldfire V4e MCF5485 processor @200MHz and with 64MB of RAM. Both offer Modbus TCP support and come with Nivis Management and Control System (MCS) that allows customers to manage their wireless networks securely and easily. Both products have passed HAZLOC certifications (i.e., ATEX Zone 2, C1D2, etc.) and EMC certifications (i.e., FCC, ETSI, etc.). A complete list of certifications is available upon request.

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