Omron STI introduces OS32C Safety Laser Scanner

  • September 22, 2010
  • OMRON Scientific Technologies, Inc.
Omron STI introduces OS32C Safety Laser Scanner
Omron STI introduces OS32C Safety Laser Scanner

September 22, 2010 - Omron Scientific Technologies introduces the OS32C Safety Laser Scanner. Its 104.5 mm profile, light 1.3 kg weight and low 5 W power consumption (3.75 W in standby mode) combine with innovative features such as highly flexible and easily configurable detection zones to make the OS32C a powerful safety solution. As a result, the OS32C is not only easy to handle and install, but also delivers the versatility needed to solve diverse presence detection and collision avoidance application needs.Some of the OS32C’s most significant benefits include:

  • Faster and easier equipment commissioning and troubleshooting with Patented Individual Sector Indicators
  • Up to 4 times faster MTTR than other safety laser scanners, with lower maintenance cost and manufacturing down time cost from equipment damage
  • Using the unique Memory Module, a maintenance technician can get the manufacturing line running again ‚Äì without using a computer
  • System monitoring over LAN via the integrated Ethernet Port
  • Lowest profile equipment designs thanks to the world‚Äôs smallest footprint, which is particularly significant in material handling applications
  • Lowest power consumption, which is perfect for battery powered mobile applications
  • The OS32C Safety Laser Scanner features a 270¬∞ detection angle that enables a single scanner to provide presence detection, including two warning zones and one safety zone, on two sides of a machine. Its small size also means that it can even be used inside a machine. Installed vertically, the OS32C serves as a complete intrusion detection solution. The unit‚Äôs innovative Reference Boundary Monitoring function constantly monitors reference points and turns off the safety outputs when a shift in its physical position is detected. This prevents unauthorized mounting modifications to the laser scanner. The OS32C Safety Laser Scanner is also a robust and flexible collision avoidance solution that can provide front/rear monitoring, or 270¬∞ monitoring, in AGV applications. The OS32C‚Äôs light weight and compact body make it easy to install, and its low power consumption minimizes battery load. For complex AGV tracks up to 70 zone set combinations can be set, each with one safety zone of up to 3 m and two warning zones of up to 10 m. The two warning zones can be set to support various purposes, such as warning sound and speed control. The OS32C‚Äôs simplified I/O wiring method requires fewer inputs to configure multiple zones when compared with other safety laser scanners. This speeds up installation and significantly reduces the potential for wiring errors. Users can tailor the OS32C to a specific application by specifying at time of order whether the power and Ethernet connections are on the back or left side of the scanner. Once installed, users can adjust the unit‚Äôs response time from 80 to 680 ms to prevent erroneous machine stoppages caused by environmental pollutants. Additionally, users can quickly and easily configure the safety and warning zones with the OS32C‚Äôs easy to use configuration software and a PC. And because each safety laser scanner‚Äôs configuration is stored in the I/O block, should the sensor ever become damaged it can quickly be replaced, with no reprogramming needed.‚ÄúToday‚Äôs machine builders need smarter and more compact safety solutions to help them build better and more streamlined equipment faster than ever before, and end users need smarter safety solutions that will not only keep their personnel safe, but that will also help them to maximize productivity,‚Äù says Sergio Aguilar, Product Manager, Omron STI. ‚ÄúThe new Safety Laser Scanner OS32C from Omron STI is specifically engineered to deliver superior value and unprecedented versatility in both OEM and retrofit machine safety and AGV collision avoidance applications.‚Äù ‚ÄúIn addition to being the industry‚Äôs most compact safety laser scanner, the OS32C is also the first to provide integrated management via Ethernet. This helps keep machines up and running by allowing the user to check the operating state and analyze the cause of an emergency stop via LAN, and take quick corrective action, even in large-scale applications with multiple scanners,‚Äù explains Aguilar. ‚ÄúThe OS32C‚Äôs status display and eight patented Individual Sector Indicators also enable users to determine at a glance the unit‚Äôs operating state and error codes, and assess the direction of an intrusion.‚ÄùAbout Omron STIOmron Scientific Technologies, Inc. is a North American provider of automation safeguarding products and services. Omron STI safety products and integration services are used to protect workers around machinery, automated equipment and industrial robots in a wide variety of applications and markets, including semiconductor, automotive, medical, electronics manufacturing, packaging and consumer markets.

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