OpenAPC enhances free Sunrise HMI software

  • September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010 - OpenAPC released version 0.9 of its free and platform-independent automation and visualisation software. This software offers several enhancements:

  • internal mutual exclusion handling implemented for Checkbox, Toggle and Radio Button HMI elements
  • HMI plug-in for fancy pipes
  • HMI element "Stacked Pane" added
  • driver plug-ins added to control Isel Wafer Handler Robots, GPS positioning (NMEA and SIRF binary based), GPS positioning (using GPSd), WLAN-based positioning
  • flow plug-ins for mutual exclusion and detection of rising/falling edges
  • support added for external Interlock Server that is able to act as intermediate layer to separate applications implementing interlocks and/or sequences; Interlock Server option can be set in project settings, flow objects can be configured to influece/be influenced by the servers data
  • interpreters for LUA and IL (Instruction List) language added to control automated sequences, interlocks, logic dependencies and other things out of them, they can be used to easily implement some kind of PLC functionality
  • OpenAPC "Sunrise" is a platform-independent automation/visualisation solution that can be used on many different platforms. The same project file can be used on Windows or Linux, it works on x86, x86_64, ARM and other platforms without any modifications. This makes it possible to migrate to other platforms easily, the users are not imprisoned to one specific system. The extensive use of external Plug-Ins makes it possible to use only these parts of the software on the target system that are really necessary, this can save a nameable amount of space.The OpenAPC software is available for free, wide parts of the source codes are available too (Freeware or GPL). All programming interfaces are fully open and documented, this makes it possible easily to implement drivers for own, specific hardware, to add new customized HMI elements or to implement some other useful functionaly.

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