Opto 22 Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O

  • June 15, 2010
  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22
Opto 22 Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O
Opto 22 Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O

Looking at wireless for industrial automation? When you need to manage mobile or remote machines and devices, wireless makes a lot of sense. It may also be a good option for pilot projects or new I/O where network wiring doesn’t exist. Wireless opens questions, though, like security, network performance, and cost. Can you get wireless I/O that handles all the signal inputs your application requires? And if you try out wireless and it doesn’t do the job, are you stuck with useless, expensive I/O? Opto 22 Wired+Wireless™ answers these questions and makes it easier to use wireless where and when you need it. Security—Opto 22 Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O support WPA2 encryption algorithms with 802.11i AES, the secure standard used by government and large corporations. Performance—Wired+Wireless supports 802.11a, b, and g standards for wireless transmission. You can build your wireless LAN using components from almost any vendor and structure the network to avoid interference from other devices. Cost and availability of I/O—Because wireless capability is simply added to standard PACs and I/O, Wired+Wireless is less costly and more flexible than many other wireless systems. No extra components are needed. Since our entire line of SNAP I/O modules can be used both wired or wirelessly, you can get virtually any signal input you need. Wired/wireless flexibility—Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O processors include both wired Ethernet and 802.11a, b, or g wireless network interfaces. You can use either network or both at the same time. And you can switch from wired to wireless or back again without changing programming, reconfiguring I/O, or changing field wiring. If you’re looking at wireless, look at Opto 22 Wired+Wireless:

  • Top security algorithms
  • Network performance options
  • Full range of reliable analog, digital, and serial SNAP I/O
  • Same system for both wired and wireless networks

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