PAS announces Integrity Recon Software

  • June 29, 2010
  • PAS Inc.
PAS announces Integrity Recon Software
PAS announces Integrity Recon Software

June 29, 2010 - Integrity Recon from PAS gathers and displays the software, services, hardware, system performance, and other essential information for the servers, work stations, and desktop computers on a process control network (PCN). This provides the automation organization with a mechanism to manage PCNs, while also allowing IT to securely view them.Integrity Recon efficiently facilitates Common Operating Environment (COE) compliance by reporting on:

  • All software installed on each PC
  • Whether specific hardware subsystems such as com ports and USB ports are enabled or disabled in compliance with established COE rules
  • Device discovery and inventory information for servers, workstations, and desktop computers
  • Hardware, firmware, and software revisions, as well as serial numbers for servers, workstations, and desktop computers
  • Individual change histories for PC software and configuration
  • Management of ChangeAutomation systems undergo significant configuration changes daily, which drives the need for rigorous management of change policies. Those policies also apply to the computing infrastructure that underlies the automation system. Integrity Recon provides automated management of change functionality for automation systems and software applications enabling users to know when and where a change took place on PCNs.Upgrade PlanningIndustry regulatory standards and guidelines may require equipment and/or software to be periodically replaced. This requires proper procedures and planning, which, without software assistance, can be time consuming and cumbersome. Integrity Recon provides the means to plan for software and hardware upgrades by easily identifying existing components and verifying prerequisites. It also aids in upgrade preparation by offering a simplified view of software and hardware versions, patches, firmware, and bios versions.Problem Diagnosis and NotificationRapid identification of system problems can dramatically improve personnel productivity. Integrity Recon quickly pinpoints the root cause of automation system issues, which equates to fewer troubleshooting and investigation hours.Since the nature of Integrity Recon is to identify system issues and problems, automatic notification is an essential element of the application. All of the compliance-, MOC-, and integrity-checks performed by Integrity Recon may be configured to provide email notifications to subscribed personnel.Licensing ComplianceIn recent years, software licenses have been distributed with the understanding that companies would use only as many licenses as they purchased. However, since installed licenses can be difficult to track, a company can inadvertently install more licenses than it originally bought. Integrity Recon easily identifies how many licenses are installed for each application.Vendor ComplianceAutomation systems, like other products, are sold with warranties protecting against defects and malfunctions. However, some software installations and updates can inadvertently void the manufacturer‚Äôs warranty. Integrity Recon verifies that components meet vendor compliance by identifying unauthorized software, hardware, and configurations. It also provides a mechanism to easily display the software and hardware installed on monitored equipment, which reduces the amount of time required for network and system audits.SecuritySecurity of PCNs is a very high priority at a production facility since it directly impacts the safety, productivity, and reliability of the facility. Active Directories are employed to protect and maintain the integrity of critical production networks. To aid in maintaining security, Integrity Recon verifies that this component is operating correctly.Detection of Additional VariancesIn addition to COE compliance, Integrity Recon performs other assessments as well, including:
  • Compliance to available drive capacity guidelines
  • Disabled and stale user accounts
  • Application and operating system services status (ok, failed), start mode (automatic, manual, disabled), and state (started, stopped, paused, resuming)
  • System AvailabilityBoth man-made and natural disasters threaten critical industrial infrastructure including automation systems and networks for production facilities. These threats range from cyber attacks and computer virus infections to damage caused by hurricanes and floods. While most facilities have rigorous security measures to intercept and defend against them, few do a good job of preparing for recovery if the threat is actually successful.Since Integrity Recon aids in COE compliance, it also provides additional value in reducing post-disaster downtime by validating system readiness for reload. Additionally, it can be used to audit the system post-startup, which helps get the plant back to normal operating state faster.

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