POSITAL adds fieldbus to OPTOCODE encoders

  • August 18, 2010
  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.

August 18, 2010 - POSITAL's OPTOCODE encoders with interfaces for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET IRT networks are ideal for sophisticated motion control such as packaging lines, cartoning machines or anywhere else accuracy, precision and reliability are needed. Both encoder types can be used in high-speed machines: the EtherNet/IP models, which incorporate an Ertec200 controller, have cycle times of less than 10 ms, while the PROFINET IRT models support cycle times as low as 1 ms (isochronos real-time) and 10 ms (real-time). With a diameter of only 58 mm (2.3”) and a maximum length of 80mm (3.1”), these units are easy to install in tight spaces. Connections are straightforward. The EtherNet/IP models feature a built-in Ethernet switch, while the PROFINET version is connected without the need for terminating resistors or switches for address allocation or Baud rate setting. Both models use industry-standard M12 connectors for data communications and power supply. Like all OPTOCODE encoders, they use a proven opto-electronic sensor to determine absolute position values. Angular resolution is 65,536 steps per revolution (16 bits), while up to 16,384 revolutions (14 bits) can be registered in multi-turn mode. All OPTOCODE encoders instantly provide current absolute position values without referencing, even after power failure. No backup batteries needed! POSITAL, which has been developing and manufacturing Ethernet encoders since 2001, has received certifications for the EtherNet/IP and PROFINET IRT encoders from the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA) and the PROFIBUS User Organization (PNO) respectively. About FRABA and POSITAL FRABA Inc. is the North American sister company of Germany-based FRABA AG, a group of enterprises focused on providing advanced products for position sensing and motion control in many sectors and applications. Business units within the FRABA group include POSITAL (rotary encoders and inclinometers), VITECTOR (safety assurance equipment), and INTACTON (optical motion sensors).

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