QA Graphics upgrades to 3D for building controls

  • April 20, 2010
  • QA Graphics
QA Graphics upgrades to 3D for building controls
QA Graphics upgrades to 3D for building controls

April 20, 2010 – QA Graphics expanded its graphic outsourcing capabilities to provide the building controls industry with a range of custom 3D graphic solutions that can be utilized by most building automation systems (BASs). The company offers four levels of graphic solutions, with or without animations, to provide a solution for any graphic requirement. The graphics capabilities include: Created with Existing GraphicsGraphics can be developed using a customer’s existing symbols, allowing the customer to utilize their time elsewhere and receive custom graphics that can easily be integrated with their existing graphics. 3D Orthographic (Schematic)Graphics are represented in a schematic view, similar to control drawings, so that parts of the system graphic (such as an air handling unit or remote terminal unit) can be moved to other locations without the image looking distorted. These graphics are developed using images from QA Graphics’ 3D BAS Symbol Library, which is a set of static and animated symbols that many control system providers purchase to consistently create their own high-end graphics. 3D Perspective (Schematic)Graphics are represented in a schematic view, similar to control drawings, so that the systems show a vanishing point. These high-end graphics provide a competitive advantage in the controls industry. 3D Photo-RealisticGraphics are custom developed so that the system is represented as if it were being viewed in real life. The photo-realistic system graphics include a great amount of detail and offer users a high-end position in the controls industry. One of QA Graphics’ core competencies is providing comprehensive graphic outsourcing services for the building automation industry, allowing the customer to spend less time assembling BAS graphics and HVAC graphics, and further distinguish themselves in the market. The company works with a number of control system providers and designs custom graphics for several of the industry’s largest control system manufactures. QA Graphics creates system graphics for almost every type of building automation system, providing building automation graphics that are more appealing and realistic than can be created with BAS software. Users look to QA Graphics to continually access high-end system graphics that accurately represent mechanical control drawings and provide a competitive advantage in the industry. QA Graphics is experienced with most building automation systems, including:

  • Alerton
  • Andover
  • Computrols
  • Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • KMC Controls
  • Reliable Controls
  • Siemens Building Technologies
  • Trane
  • Tridium QA Graphics’ outsourcing solutions are developed by their in-house design team of trained mechanical engineers to ensure the graphics are accurate and fit the user’s needs. QA Graphics also provides the building industry with a number of services, including floor plan development, drafting services and 3D development.

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