QSI enhances Qlarity graphic terminal programming language

  • September 29, 2010
  • QSI Corporation

September 29, 2010 - QSI Corporation introduces Qlarity 3, an upgrade to Qlarity object-based programming language. Offered at no additional charge, Qlarity 3 has scalable vector graphics, supports higher resolution / color depth and offers a modern look and feel to the graphics and user experience.The most noticeable improvements of Qlarity 3 are the increased support for high color graphics and support for most graphic formats. Other improved features include a more task focused Layout View, the ability to dynamically create objects when you need them and easier input entry with iPhone style text, number input and flicking.Qlarity, pronounced “clarity,” is a BASIC-like, scripted, graphic terminal programming language. To assist developing screens and applications is Qlarity Foundry 3, a free PC-based software tool that allows one to use objects to create screens, simulate, debug and download applications to a Qlarity-based terminal. Qlarity Foundry 3 is easy to use for the non-programmer yet powerful enough for the technical user as well.

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