RMT Robotics enhances ADAM AGVs

  • August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010 – RMT Robotics announces the ADAM (Autonomous Delivery and Manipulation) for application in Lean manufacturing operations. The software and hardware enhancements were developed to cater to the needs of the electronics, automotive, plastics, aerospace, solar and other industries that feature similar non-linear production logistics.The features of the newest generation of ADAM include:

  • Laser range finding system for vehicle location and obstacle avoidance;
  • On-vehicle keypad interface and wireless call buttons;
  • Lithium ion battery technology and opportunity charging for reliable uptime;
  • On-board PC for mapping, navigation and drive control;
  • Compact, durable chassis with customizable top plate;
  • User-friendly, PC-based interface for easy operation by plant personnel;
  • ADAM RAP Module - ‚ÄúReactive Audio Playback‚Äù provides dynamic audio reactions based on location and challenges encountered by ADAM while performing its duties.
  • ADAM is a proven intelligent AGV (i-AGV) platform designed to eliminate manual labor and optimize operational productivity by robotically transporting work-in-process and finished goods between locations in a complex, random origin to random destination production environment. ADAM adjusts to a changing environment without assistance from traditional support lifelines such as guide wires, reflectors or transponders.

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