SyTech Releases XLReporter Team software

  • September 08, 2010
  • Sytech Systems

September 8, 2010 - SyTech announced the Team edition of the XLReporter product family. This edition is reporting software that marries the most popular reporting product, Microsoft Excel, with the leading historians in the automation industry, resulting in easy-to-grasp reports from anywhere in the organization, while maintaining individualized security.Team edition is a reporting solution that fulfills the demanding expectations of industry producing extremely sophisticated reports, yet implemented with limited technical resources and budget.Interfaces are provided to advanced historians by GE Intelligent Platforms, Wonderware, Emerson Process Management, Siemens and Rockwell Software plus supporting OPC-HDA, ODBC and OLE-DB.Report templates are designed in the familiar environment of Excel, utilizing all its features, plus analysis that only the XLReporter engine, upon which Team resides, can provide. Being Excel to the core, readily available templates for KPI, OEE, SPC, SQC and regulatory reports can be used “out of the box.”Team edition has built-in user security to prevent unauthorized access. It allows each report template to be organized for specific groups of users, enabling users to focus on producing the reports pertinent to their needs.When reporting is a true collaborative effort, each individual of the ‘Team’ is empowered. Now operators can generate reports on production behavior and bring them to the attention of their supervisors. Lab technicians can detect problems in product quality and inform the maintenance department to perform equipment calibration. Plant managers can summarize process activity and point out to everyone the strengths and weaknesses of the facility. These are just a few examples of how Team edition lets each team member improve operations.

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