Trend Control Systems introduces TouchView building control

  • September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010 - Trend Control Systems launched TouchView, a BACnet-based communicating sensor/controller with a built-in humidity sensor. It includes preloaded applications that support common uses and can be configured on the screen without the need for 963 Supervisor, making the TouchView controller very easy to use. The TouchView offers pre-programmed universal inputs, relay outputs and analog outputs in a single, cost competitive unit with a user-friendly interface.As a configurable controller, the TouchView is ideally suited for specific and common applications such as fan-coil units, heat pumps and AC units. Each application supports passive infrared (PIR) and Space Temperature set backs. All this makes the TouchView the perfect solution for any installation that provides users with an easy-to-use interface to control their environment, including retail, restaurants, offices, places of worship and many more. The TouchView is Trend’s answer to a simplified direct digital control (DDC) system for small buildings. It can be installed as a stand-alone solution, or users can network multiple TouchView units to form a simplified centralized DDC system with Trend’s 963 Supervisor at the front end. Some applications may not be ready for a full building management system (BMS), but want a BMS-compatible sensor so that when the time is right, they are ready to seamlessly upgrade. The TouchView operates and schedules independently, and, when the timing is right, can be brought online as part of a BACnet communicating system.

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