Ubisense announces Visible Industrial Process

  • April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010 - Ubisense announces Visible Industrial Process (VIP). The RFID application enables complete visibility of production components, process, assemblies and sub-assemblies, across multiple sites. Ubisense has developed Ubisense VIP in response to requirements from a number of strategic customers, including Airbus. It is designed to give production integration control managers accurate, real-time location information and production status on sub-assemblies at various stages of production at multiple remote manufacturing sites, sometimes based in different countries.Ubisense VIP combines the benefits of its existing manufacturing solutions with additional features, which include web-based user configuration, support for multiple-site operation, and the management of multiple-components and multiple tags per component. The Ubisense Manufacturing Solution Suite provides customers with a real-time view of critical business operations, such as the tracking of components and assembly processes, thus improving communication, increasing production throughput, and making planning more effective.

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