Matrikon announces Wind Asset Monitor

  • May 04, 2009
  • MatrikonOPC

May 4, 2009 - Matrikon announced the Wind Asset Monitor, which allows wind farm operators to monitor, maintain, analyze and improve their equipment and asset performance in real-time.Wind energy producers now have the technology to accurately predict and prevent equipment failures, increase asset availability, and significantly extend equipment life. Wind Asset Monitor is an OEM-independent and scalable system that meets the requirements of the smallest wind farm to multi-farm portfolios.Wind Asset Monitor integrates all available operating and maintenance data, including, but not limited to, SCADA systems, real-time historians, and Maintenance Management Systems to aggregate the information into actionable tasks. Wind energy producers will have the ability to track and trend key performance indicators, manage their fleets, and predict impending equipment breakdowns. The result is a considerable reduction in operating and maintenance costs and increased asset availability and utilization. Wind turbines and their associated subcomponents represent the core producing asset and some of the highest capital and operating costs of a wind farm. Ensuring the availability of these core assets during peak producing periods is one of the primary challenges facing the industry today. As a result, many wind energy producers are investing in technology to reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, and optimize asset availability and utilization. These initiatives will maximize profitability and help ensure viability in an increasingly competitive and growing market. Wind Asset Monitor is based on Matrikon’s core equipment monitoring platform.Nizar J. Somji, president & CEO of Matrikon stated: “By ensuring that equipment assets are ready to produce when the wind blows, Wind Asset Monitor will help energy producers achieve the target of supplying 20% of the electricity produced in America by 2030.”About MatrikonMatrikon is a provider of industrial intelligence solutions that transform production data into the knowledge needed to anticipate problems and optimize operations — empowering and sustaining the achievement of operational excellence. With offices throughout North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, and clients who are industry leaders in the process industries, power generation and mining, Matrikon's reach is global. Matrikon has been empowering excellence since 1988, and is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol MTK.

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