InSync releases Edgeware 3.1 for sensor-driven supply-chain execution

  • March 08, 2007

San Jose, CA, March 8, 2007 - InSync Software announced the availability of InSync Edgeware 3.1. Edgeware enables enterprises to drive real-time supply chain execution. Using sensor networks and RFID, Edgeware provides enterprise systems with the sense of physical reality that can be used to automate asset-based business activity. Currently deployed across several global business ecosystems, Edgeware 3.1 provides for RFID and sensory device management, business process definition, and process execution in real-time. "Edgeware 3.1 provides a revolutionary software solution that enables sensor networks to drive mission-critical supply chain processes," says Ravi Panja, CTO of InSync Software, Inc. "In disparate supply chains, RFID and other sensor technologies can bridge visibility gaps and automate manual processes. In order to utilize these technologies to realize ROI, businesses require intelligent, autonomous software systems that can communicate and interact seamlessly with devices and enterprise systems. With Edgeware 3.1, we delivered just that." "Our Fortune 500 customers have found that deployments of InSync solutions have dramatically increased the value of using RFID and sensors in complex, collaborative processes," says Mike Lowry, CEO of Lowry Computer Products.Smart Sensor ManagementEdgeware configures multiple sensor devices to provide a representation of the physical process. Beyond RFID, others sensors, such as GPS location, proximity, vision, environmental, and biological, provide item-level context that enriches decision making capability of enterprise systems. Edgeware supports commercially available RFID and other sensor hardware, connecting these devices across extended supply chains. To manage sensor infrastructure, Edgeware 3.1 features a device manager, SensorNet, which allows customers to configure, monitor, and maintain devices via dashboard-style user interfaces. Sensor-Driven Processes Collaboration and Automation Edgeware allows for the definition of a collaborative process such as shipping, receiving, item verification, track and trace, etc. with multiple partners. Business can define Key Process Indicators (KPIs) to manage out-of-tolerance conditions. At each process step, Edgeware acquires real-time sensor data and applies business rules at the point of execution. This eliminates the need for central processing, improving computing and network efficiency. What's New in the 3.1 ReleaseEdgeware's newly added mobile technology framework further enables distributed computing with the capability for data acquisition and business logic functions using mobile devices. In addition to mobile device support, Edgeware 3.1 provides a library of applications, and an end-to-end route management utility that defines expected material routes across a supply chain. With InSync's deployment services and pre-built applications, implementation time has been reduced by as much as 80%. About InSync Software, Inc.InSync Software, Inc. is the leader in deploying fully compatible, sensor-driven business network software. Its patented Edgeware solutions leverage auto-ID and sensor technologies to gain control of complex supply chains one item at a time. InSync Software leverages EPC and other eBusiness standards in an SOA architecture allowing process collaboration and event visibility between disparate partners. InSync is proud to be a certified SAP Integration company, and Edgeware 3.1 is certified Powered by NetWeaver.

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