Production Process MES software has real-time OEE dashboard, e-mail alerts

  • February 22, 2007
  • Production Process

Londonderry, NH, February 22, 2007 - The ProductionACE system from Production Process provides real-time, Web-enabled connectivity and manufacturing intelligence from all types of production equipment, even those that do not offer external data communications.Windows software communicates with networked Machine Data Transducers (MDT), one connected to each production machine. Using the electrical signals that operate the machine, the MDT collects production, productivity, run time, down time, setup time and reject data. In addition to automated production reporting, the software provides a real-time productivity dashboard showing machine status, production rates, cycle times and OEE calculations. Using the dashboard and the e-mail alerts that are sent when performance targets aren’t being met, management can detect production problems before productivity or quality suffers. To easily analyze and improve manufacturing productivity, users can export data to Excel to graphically compare OEE, utilization, down time and setup time by product, machine and shift. A Scheduling module provides simple, “drag and drop” production scheduling, and calculates expected Job completion based on actual machine operating conditions and the plant shift schedule. This information can also be accessed remotely through a Web browser. An ERP interface exports ERP production requirements to each machine’s Job Queue, then reports production data to ERP at Shift and Job end. There are four models of MDTs to choose from, enabling a manufacturer to match MDT functionality to individual machine capabilities to achieve a cost-effective solution. MDT pricing starts at $350. Other MDT models provide operator interface via a data entry keypad and alphanumeric display, as well as options that include a bar code printer, large Andon displays and badge readers to log-on operators in order to track their productivity.ProductionACE systems have been installed in 330 discrete manufacturing operations of all sizes, including 26 of the Fortune 1000.

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