Push-to-lock connection system helps reduce ergonomic stress for manufacturing and assembly workers

  • June 05, 2006
  • Woodhead

Repetitive strain injuries are a major productivity challenge to industrial companies, costing an estimated $20 billion a year in Worker's Compensation.

June 6, 2006, Deerfield, IL - Woodhead Industries, Inc., (NASDAQ:WDHD) a designer and manufacturer of industrial communication products for the global automation market, reports that its BradConnectivity™ Ultra-Lock™ Connection System has seen enthusiastic acceptance across a broad range of manufacturing and assembly industries since its launch a year ago. The threadless, M12-compatible Ultra-Lock Connection System comprises a series of integrated distribution boxes and cordsets built on a patented 'push-to-lock' technology that enables fast, easy installation without turning the coupler. For workers, this eliminates the hand/wrist motions and repetitive turning required to install traditional threaded M12 connectors. According to John Sullivan, product director for the comprehensive Ultra-Lock Connection System, the system's unique design signals the next generation of M12 connector technology. "The Ultra-Lock connection system not only provides quicker installation than traditional connectors, but is also ergonomically superior in that it locks securely in place using a simple push-to-lock motion. The result is higher productivity and less worker fatigue, which reduces the potential risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries; a tremendous competitive advantage for any company in the automation sector." Industry research acknowledges that cumulative stress trauma poses a major economic challenge to industrial companies. It has been estimated that these injuries cost American industry more than $20 billion a year in Worker's Compensation. The National Safety Council notes that repeated trauma disorders have the highest incidence rates of all occupational health illnesses, with manufacturing workers constituting 72 percent of these disorders in 1996. The U.S. Department of Labor's 2004 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, published in November 2005, cites warehousing, transportation and manufacturing as having the highest incidence rates for occupational injuries. A study by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimates that 20 million workers on assembly lines and in other jobs requiring repetitive, strain-producing motions are at an increased risk of developing repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. NIOSH cites the major causes of carpal tunnel syndrome as repetitive motion, working with hands in a deviated position, and the amount of muscle tension and force required to perform a task. About the BradConnectivity Ultra-Lock Connection System The BradConnectivity Ultra-Lock Connection System comprises a series of integrated distribution boxes and cordsets based on an innovative 'push-to-lock' technology. Users simply push down to connect, and pull up to disconnect. Designed for interoperability with traditional M12 connectors, the Ultra-Lock System reduces assembly time and cost, reduces ergonomic strain on assemblers, and simplifies assembly in tight and 'blind-mate' locations. In addition, the Ultra-Lock Connection System provides reliable connectivity, even under the stresses of cable flexing, mechanical shock or machine vibration, thus virtually eliminating costly and difficult to locate intermittent connections. The system incorporates a revolutionary, operator-independent radial sealing design that provides reliable IP68 sealing performance, thanks to a tight seal which protects against moisture and chemical contamination. About Woodhead Industries, Inc. Woodhead Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:WDHD) is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide array of Automation and Electrical products engineered for superior performance in demanding, harsh, or hazardous industrial environments. Woodhead Industries "Empowers the Industrial Infrastructure" with innovative products and solutions that extend from mechanical, electrical and electronics, to communications/networking devices and diagnostic software. Woodhead Industries operates from 21 locations in 10 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Woodhead Industries' Brad® lines of Automation products include such globally recognized names as applicom® , Direct-Link™, mPm® , RJ-Lnxx® and SST™. The Woodhead family of Electrical products includes globally recognized names such as Aero-Motive® , Daniel Woodhead®, Watertite® and Super-Safeway®.

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