NORD Offers Technical Innovation for Mixing and Agitating Processes

  • August 11, 2020
NORD Offers Technical Innovation for Mixing and Agitating Processes
NORD Offers Technical Innovation for Mixing and Agitating Processes

Aug. 12, 2020 - With the SAFOMI-IEC/NEMA adapter for MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, the number of components required for mixer applications can be reduced, while operational reliability can be increased.

MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units are an excellent choice for use in large mixers and NORD has continued innovating in this field with its new SAFOMI (Seal-less Adapter for Mixers) adapter. This adapter features a flange with an integrated oil expansion tank, increasing operational reliability and requiring less routine maintenance over the lifecycle of the gear unit. MAXXDRIVE units have been part of the NORD product range for more than ten years and have proven themselves in countless applications throughout the world. They offer high output torques from 132,000 – 2,250,000 lb-in. and operate reliably under demanding conditions.

NORD MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are FEM-optimized and have a compact design that enables efficient operation under very high external loads. Like NORD’s other gear unit offerings, MAXXDRIVE units have extensive modularity, providing many options for tailored solutions without the need for costly custom component design. When equipped with a SAFOMI-IEC/NEMA adapter, MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units combine the functions of standard IEC/NEMA adapters with an oil expansion tank in a single, integrated component. SAFOMI is available for parallel gear units in sizes 7 to 11, covering speed ratios from 5.54:1 – 400:1. The combination of a MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear unit, SAFOMI-IEC/NEMA adapter, and drive motor is an ideal choice for mixer and agitator applications to reduce wear on internal gearing, parts, and attached components.

Greater operational reliability with less effort

In agitating applications, oil tanks, hoses, and radial shaft seals are subject to leakage and wear between the gear unit and IEC/NEMA cylinder. With the SAFOMI adapter, these possible failure points are eliminated. SAFOMI-IEC/NEMA adapters on parallel gear units are only installed in mounting position M5, i.e. with the output shaft pointing downwards. When a MAXXDRIVE unit utilizes this new adapter, oil levels and the required oil volume is lower and the installation space is also reduced.

NORD manufactures a wide selection of gearboxes, electric motors, and drive electronics in various sizes and configurations for companies in intralogistics, food and beverage, airport baggage handling, grain and bulk material handling, and other demanding markets. The modular design offers unlimited versatility with more than 20,000,000 combinations of custom gear motors and speed reducers–inline or right-angle, mounted by foot or flange, featuring solid or hollow shafts–to give customers complete freedom to specify a drive solution that’s perfect for the job.

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