Advancing Automation Ebooks

Advancing Automation: Cloud Analytics

  • Ebook

This eBook is designed to serve as a resource showing organizations both the technologies that can help them efficiently leverage all the data that their facilities have to offer, as well as strategies to fully connect and secure your systems in the process.

Advancing Automation: Process Instruments Insights

  • Ebook has developed this eBook to serve as a resource into the latest and greatest tools and technologies available to the process automation community. Whichever industry you serve, process control professionals will want to read this resource designed to keep you informed and on the cutting edge of process automation.

Advancing Automation: Cybersecurity Insights

  • Ebook

Whether you work in IT, OT, management, maintenance, or sit on the board of a multi-national manufacturing corporation, this eBook has valuable information that you need to know in order to actively secure your organization and ensure that the inevitable future cyber attacks are met with a stronger defense.

Advancing Automation: Key Trends & Predictions for IIoT

  • Ebook

This edition, sponsored by Sciemetric Instruments, will discuss how IoT is driving manufacturing, how digital technologies are generating mountains of previously unseen data to enhance decision making, the current evolution of digital business models as seen in the modern enterprise, where IIoT will take us in the future, and much more.

Advancing Automation: The value IIoT brings to industrial and manufacturing enterprises

  • Ebook

Whether your interest is process control, manufacturing, energy conservation, or just to see the latest in IIoT innovation, this eBook has a trove of information for you to peruse in a convenient digital format, so your organization can remain on the cutting edge of its industry.