Products for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Innovation introduces Partfinder software for 3D printing

The "Partfinder" software analyzes 3D CAD data geometrically as well as on the basis of the construction history, PMI and metadata. The information thus obtained is stored in a database.

GE Power announces MXL2 power upgrade solution with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP)

  • GE Digital

The MXL2 with AMP includes two components produced by GE’s Additive Manufacturing Works (AMW) teams in Birr, Switzerland, and Greenville, South Carolina, United States: the first-stage turbine vanes and heat shields.

GEFERTEC introduces GTarc additive manufacturing machines

GTarc machines manufacture near-net-shape metal parts. Only the finishing of the near-net-shape part is undertaken using standard CNC milling.