Articles & News on Autonomous Vehicles

Deutsche Messe Becomes a Partner in the Test Field Consortium

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Deutsche Messe AG becomes a partner in the Test Field Lower Saxony consortium with the 5G exhibition center. This makes it part of a group consisting of the federal state of Lower Saxony, companies from Lower Saxony and research institutions that are working closely together and with joint financing to set up a test field in Lower Saxony.

New 3D Perception: Autonomous Lift Trucks Must Never Compromise Accuracy

  • by John Hayes
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Autonomous lift trucks, also called autonomous forklifts or autonomous reach trucks, are gaining accuracy through 3D camera technology, which gathers 20-30 times more data than 2D perception to deliver higher pick/drop accuracy (+/-10mm).

Columbia Marking Tools Forms New Advanced Part Marking Division

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Columbia Marking Tools, Inc. announces the establishment of a new Advanced Part Marking Division (APMD) to provide marking tools, processes, machines, and equipment to the emerging electric and autonomous vehicle industry.

Automation: No More Plugs

  • by Julian Seume
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In process charging eliminates the plug-in charging, making AGVs (automated guided vehicles) truly autonomous.

Siemens and MaRS Partner to Accelerate Innovation for Startups in Development of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

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Partnership offers MaRS start-up community access to industry-leading Siemens design and simulation software.

AGV Guidance and Navigation Systems

  • by John Hamlin
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AGV guidance and navigation systems are an intricate part of automation and have come a long way since their inception. 

FIA Names Siemens 'Official Supplier of Urban Mobility Advocacy Solutions'

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FIA and Siemens extend partnership to provide the "FIA Mobility Advocate"—a unique software and hardware toolkit—for FIA Mobility Member Clubs to strengthen advocacy of future transport solutions.

AstaZero Building the World's Longest Indoor Track for Testing Self-driving Vehicles

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AstaZero is now building the world's longest indoor track for testing self-driving vehicles. AstaZero is the leading test bed for the automated transport systems of the future. With the new indoor track, AstaZero consolidates its position as a world-unique test environment.

COVID-19: An Unexpected Re-Route for Future Mobility?

  • by Nick Tebbutt
  • Feature

For some time now, the future mobility vision–in which totally autonomous vehicles are an everyday reality and shared mobility services are widely adopted–has been heralded as the future of mass transport. However, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has inexplicably changed transport behaviour, both at a consumer and commercial level, the consensus is that it will significantly impact the shape of tomorrow’s strategy.

PAS Global to be Acquired by Hexagon AB

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PAS Global, LLC (PAS), the OT Integrity company, today announced it has agreed to be acquired by Hexagon AB (Hexagon), a global leader in sensor, software, and autonomous solutions.