Products for Autonomous Vehicles

Path Robotics Announces Next Chapter in Delivering Fully Autonomous Manufacturing Systems with AF-1

Path Robotics, the market leader of truly autonomous welding robotic systems, has announced its next chapter in delivering fully autonomous manufacturing systems with new Autonomous Fit-up robotic system.

BlueBotics Takes AGVs and AMRs Outside

ANT everywhere, a new product extension by the Swiss autonomous navigation leader, enables a new era of AGV and AMR operations by making outdoor vehicle missions just as robust and precise as those indoors.

Advantech Introduces MIC-770 V3 Industrial Edge Solution for Industrial AI Applications

  • Advantech Industrial Automation Group

Advantech, a global leader in Industrial IoT, is excited to announce its GPU edge computing solution with NVIDIA L4 GPU NVQual validation - the MIC-770 V3 Modular IPC with MIC-75M20 expansion i-Module.

Pilz Expands Offering for Safe Applications of AGV Systems—Efficient Management of Safe Intralogistics

  • Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

Pilz is expanding its offering for the safe use of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs).

Robotics Plus Unveils Autonomous Modular Vehicle to Alleviate Agriculture Labor Shortages

Multi-use, modular platform Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) automates tree and vine crop tasks, starting with intelligent spraying.

ACEINNA Announces the INS401 INS and GNSS/RTK Solution for Autonomous Vehicle Precise Positioning

INS401 provides turnkey, high accuracy and integrity lane level positioning for current and future ADAS and AV applications that require ASIL-B.

Toposens Launches ECHO ONE DK, Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor for 3D Collision Avoidance

Guidance for AGV, robot and other industrial applications.

ROEQ Boosts Payloads and Lifting Capabilities of Autonomous Mobile Robots with Two New Products

ROEQ, the global leader in mobile robotic equipment (MRE), has launched two new top modules and accompanying accessories designed to boost the payload and lifting capabilities of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from industry leader Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). The new ROEQ TMS-C1500 allows MiR AMRs to transport up to 1500 kg for the first time.

WiBotic Introduces New Lineup of Chargers and Transmitters for Drones and Autonomous Mobile Robots

New products include WiBotic’s first passively cooled onboard charger, two transmitters that use the latest gallium nitride (GaN) technology from GaN Systems for maximum efficiency, and more.

MiR Launches Two Powerful Autonomous Mobile Robots to Optimize All Logistics

MiR600 and MiR1350, the market’s first IP52-rated AMRs, are designed for transporting heavy materials through challenging manufacturing and logistic warehouse environments.