Products for Autonomous Vehicles

ASRock Industrial’s iEPF-9000S/ iEP-9000E Series Ruggedized Edge AIoT Platform Empowers Smart Factory, Autonomous Vehicle

  • ASRock Industrial

As strong demands of Edge AI storm across industries, ASRock Industrial delivers the most reliable, flexible, and powerful iEPF-9000S Series/ iEP-9000E Series Ruggedized Edge AIoT Platform with wide connectivity options.

RTI Announces the First Software Framework Designed for Widely Distributed Autonomous Systems

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), the largest software framework company for autonomous systems, today announced the latest version of its industry-leading software framework, RTI Connext.

VTT Develops Machine Vision to Support Autonomous Drones and Robots–Inspired by Human Vision System

Autonomously moving drones and other robots must observe their environment and interpret their observations without interruption. Using current technologies, this requires more energy than the batteries of a lightweight device can provide. That is why VTT and its partners are developing a fast, safe and energy-efficient machine vision system inspired by the human vision system.

SICK Announces World's First LiDAR Multibeam Scanner with Safe, Solid-state Technology for Line-guided Small Vehicles

  • SICK, Inc.

The scanGrid2 safe multibeam scanner from SICK is the first of its kind in the world. The compact sensor uses a novel and in-house developed solid-state LiDAR technology to increase the productivity of small autonomous and line-guided transport vehicles.

Boston Dynamics Unveils New Robot for Warehouse Automation

Stretch is designed to make warehouse operations safer and more efficient.

Creform AGV Has Dual Conveyor Deck for 24-hour Operation

  • Creform Corp.

AGV handles around the clock operation to support production machinery.

Siemens Adds Autonomous Vehicle Performance Engineering to Xcelerator Portfolio

  • Siemens

New Simcenter SCAPTOR enables closed-loop development of autonomous vehicles.

ITTIA Announces Design-win, Enabling BitCtrl to Unlock the Value of Data


ITTIA, a leading provider of high-performance embedded database software for autonomous systems and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, announced a design-win enabling BitCtrl to unlock the value of data.

New iSYS-6030 Radar System Detects Filling Levels and Prevents Collisions

InnoSenT’s new edition of a classic product offers high-precision distance measurement.