Products for Autonomous Vehicles

Tompkins Robotics announces t-Sort solution for micro-fulfillment

The micro-fulfillment solution utilizes the company’s t-Sort autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to optimize operations in a store backroom, micro-fulfillment center (MFC) or dark store.

Mobile Industrial Robots releases MiR1000 autonomous mobile robot

The MiR1000 is designed as a collaborative, safe and flexible alternative to fork lifts on the factory floor. MiR is also releasing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across all of its AMRs for navigation.

RoboSense announces RS-IPLS Intelligent Perception LiDAR autonomous driving system

An autonomous driving system, the RS-IPLS features real-time data pre-processing and a “gaze” function similar to human eyes.

Mobile Industrial Robots introduces MiR500 autonomous mobile robot

The MiR500 is the same size as a standard Euro-pallet (47.2 in √ó 31.5 in √ó 5.7 in), and MiR expects that most MiR500s will be used to transport pallets in manufacturing floors and warehouses.

Fetch Robotics announces CartConnect and RollerTop autonomous mobile robots

  • Fetch Robotics, Inc

CartConnect, RollerTop and the complete line of VirtualConveyor solutions will be shown for the first time at MODEX 2018 at booth #B4835.

Advanced Sensing for Efficient Autonomous Harvesting

  • LeddarTech

Our customer in this instance was a manufacturer of autonomous and semi-autonomous farming systems. The company wanted to integrate advanced optics in their machinery in order to better detect the edge of crops, speeding up harvesting and minimizing any product loss. Specifically, their aim was to enable their harvesting vehicles to "sweep" the fields more precisely and avoid missing any sections and ultimately help farmers increase productivity.