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Senseye and Iconsys partner to launch predictive maintenance service

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The companies have joined forces to launch a digital maintenance service that combines Iconsys’ expertise in industrial data collection and integrated manufacturing systems with Senseye’s prognostics and predictive maintenance software.

Ava Group partners with Mining3 to deliver predictive maintenance solutions to mining industry

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The partnership represents a technical collaboration on the final form development and the commercialization of a predictive asset condition monitoring solution for the mining industry, to be launched in Q1, 2019.

Improving Manufacturing with Predictive Analytics

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By Stefan Reuther, COPA-DATA Research by IndustryWeek shows that equipment failure is the cause of 42 per cent of unplanned downtime. This article explains how to leverage predictive analytics to reduce factory downtime and increase business competitiveness.

Omega Engineering announces Predictive Maintenance online resource

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On the site, customers can learn how their current maintenance program stacks up and calculate how much time and money their plant can save with a predictive maintenance program.

SAP and Caterpillar: Connecting Live Engineering And Predictive Maintenance

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Caterpillar creates machinery that powers businesses, builds communities, and enriches lives, from diesel-powered engines and gas turbines to hydraulic excavators and agricultural tractors. With the help of SAP, Caterpillar has manufactured heavy-duty equipment with IoT sensors for several customers

Canvass Analytics announces partnership with True North Automation to facilitate predictive models o

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Together, True North Automation and Canvass Analytics take process automation one step further by taking the outcome of the predictive model and automatically applying the prediction to the control system.

University of Wyoming completes Rate-Predictive Control (RPC) performance and stability analysis

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The Rate-Predictive Control (RPC) algorithm earned a United States patent in 2016 and is an inherently adaptive (or “naturally self-tuning”) process control algorithm.

What Does a Good Machine Sound Like? A look at 3DSignals’ Predictive Maintenance Efforts

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By Bill Lydon, Editor, You know that feeling when you walk past a machine, and something just doesn’t quite sound right? This article discusses the use of audio analysis sensors and deep learning technology to predict equipment problems and generate alerts for preventative maintenance actions.

Machinery Vibration and Your PLC

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This article explains how to monitor vibration on common plant machinery using accelerometers. It includes a review of the hardware available today and what challenges condition monitoring providers are faced with to meet the requirements of the future.