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AVEVA Partners with OEG For Best in Class 3D Cloud-based Virtual Training

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AVEVA Unified Learning boosts operator expertise with OEG Knowledge Library Content to support the shift to remote industrial worker learning as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

Honeywell Introduces Virtual Training Tool for Industrial Workers

  • by Melissa Landon
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Honeywell announced the creation of the Immersive Field Simulator, a virtual reality training tool designed to produce a detailed facsimile of an industrial plant’s facility down to each pump, valve and touch screen.

Siemens Industrializes Additive Manufacturing with Polymers with EOS and DyeMansion as Partners

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Siemens presents the first virtual additive manufacturing reference factory for selective laser sintering and industrial post-processing with its partners EOS and DyeMansion.

Matrox Imaging announces work-from-home support in response to COVID-19

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Matrox Imaging is offering provisional software licenses to support existing users, allowing them to continue development efforts while away from the workplace.

COVID-19 increases importance of Digitalization and Mobility

  • by Bill Lydon
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By Bill Lydon
While the April Hannover Messe event is cancelled, industrial companies remain focused on digital transformation  techniques, methods and ideas. 

PTC announces LiveWorx as digital event in response to COVID-19

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The virtual event for PTC’s products and strategy will include some examples of how customers are using PTC technologies in the war against COVID-19.

AR and VR: The Missing Links

  • by Veronica Turner
  • Opinion

Experiential learning is increasingly accepted as the most effective way to develop competency for both operators and field workers. To build truly effective operations, though, we need to bring them together.

Can Augmented Reality Improve Manufacturing?

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Virtual reality is an established technology which has been deployed in various industries including gaming, marketing and manufacturing. But, what about augmented reality?

Automating a Workforce with Augmented Reality

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By Seth Patin, Founder and CEO, LogistiVIEW AR technology ensures consistency, so an unskilled workforce can think and behave in the same way as those workers with years of experience. Workforce technology is all about efficiency, consistency, repeatability, and safety, regardless of the person performing the task.

Vuzix announces patent filing for waveguide-based augmented reality smart glasses

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These smart glasses would incorporate multiple components of Vuzix IP and technology/ecosystem it has built around smart glasses