Bedrock Automation to help Temblor Petroleum to implement cloud-based well head control

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The application enables Temblor to monitor and operate well heads remotely, providing secure real-time production data while minimizing the requirements for onsite operators.

Bill’s Top 10 Automation & Control Trends for 2019 – Accelerating Change & Reaching the Tipping Point

  • by Bill Lydon
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The pace of technological change in the automation industry seems to be accelerating as we head into 2019, driven by innovations developed for Internet of Things and general computing.

LEC announces partnership with Option Cloudgate

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iQ2 is LEC’s end-to-end IIoT platform solution that’s designed from an industrial automation engineering perspective to address individual needs and enable next-generation, cutting-edge IIoT platform technology

Netwrix Report: Cloud data sharing opens vulnerabilities for educational organizations

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54% of IT professionals in the educational sector confessed that employees put data at risk by sharing it via cloud apps outside of IT knowledge. This is the highest percentage among all verticals surveyed.

ARC Advisory Group releases Industrial IoT Edge Software Platforms Global Market Research report

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ARC Advisory Group research on the global Industrial IoT Edge Software Platforms market reveals that manufacturing customers are looking to edge solutions to both respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as position themselves competitively in the digitally transformed “new normal” economy.