Products for IT/OT Convergence

AUVESY-MDT's Octoplant Software Solution Reduces Production Downtime and Provides Protection Against Data Loss

The new software platform helps reduce production downtime and provides optimal protection against data loss through a vendor-independent backup and cyber security strategy.

Rittal RiPanel Online Enclosure Configurator Makes It Easy to Individually Configure Industrial Enclosures

  • Rittal Corporation

Rittal North America, a global manufacturer of industrial and IT enclosures, announces the new RiPanel online enclosure configurator—making it easy for machine and control system design engineers to individually configure industrial enclosures.

IXDen Launches All-in-one Software for Failure Predictions and Cybersecurity

IXDen, the failure prediction and cybersecurity expert, has created the world’s first autonomous software that combines OT failure predictions and cybersecurity in a user-friendly, all-in-one solution.

Microchip Introduces Industry’s Highest-Performance 16-Channel PCIe Gen 5 Enterprise NVMe SSD Controller

  • Microchip

The Flashtec NVMe 4016 controller enables unparalleled performance and a rich "cloud-ready" feature set including industry-leading security features.

SynSaber 1.0: Vendor-Agnostic Threat Sensor for Rapid OT Visibility

SynSaber 1.0 means no more waiting and quick time to visibility. Industrial operators can swiftly meet White House ICS Cybersecurity Initiative.

Yokogawa to Launch Cloud-enabled Version of OpreX Collaborative Information Server

  • Yokogawa

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release Collaborative Information Server (CI Server) R1.02 in March 2022.

Cisco Expands Enterprise-Grade Switching Capabilities into Industrial Networks to Modernize and Secure Critical Infrastructure

  • Cisco Systems

Cisco expands its Catalyst 9000 switching portfolio to improve reliability, security, and scalability for industrial and ruggedized outdoor use cases in industries like utilities, oil and gas, roadways and rail.

Yokogawa Launches OpreX Managed Service: Cloud Edition

  • Yokogawa

Yokogawa announces the release on this day of OpreX Managed Service: Cloud edition, a solution that supports remote monitoring and maintenance of OT/IT field assets using a cloud platform provided by Yokogawa.

EPLAN Presents New Full Version of eManage

  • EPLAN Software & Services

The free version of eManage allowed users to upload, share and manage EPLAN Platform projects in the cloud environment. Solutions provider EPLAN is now presenting the full version of the software, which offers considerably more added value: master data can be accessed in the cloud as can supplemen-tary documents, and performance is increased with additional capacity.

Wibu-Systems Introduces CodeMoving into the Cloud

  • Wibu-Systems USA

Wibu-Systems is introducing the ability to execute sensitive code in the cloud, a secure environment far away from the more easily manipulated and potentially compromised devices of users.