Resources for IT/OT Convergence

Webinar: OT Network Security Challenges in Enterprise Environments

  • Webinar

The Ukraine Russian conflict has sadly and tragically highlighted the importance and criticality of our OT, IT and IoT environments.

Webinar: How to Accelerate OT Cyber Security with a Technology-Enabled Vulnerability Assessment

  • Webinar

In this webinar, Verve Industrial will share an approach to vulnerability assessments that provide deep, accurate risk perspectives and the ability to immediately move from assessment to remediation, accelerating the time to security.

Report: Cybersecurity Best Practices Helped OT Organizations Better Withstand Pandemic Vulnerabilities

  • White Paper

A new report from Fortinet focused on operational technology found that insider breaches increased by over 100% in the past year and that industrial organizations continue to grapple with immense security challenges. The full 2021 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity report is available for download.

Automation 2021: OT/ICS Cybersecurity

  • Ebook

Operational technology (OT) systems are very different from the automation networks of 10 years ago, and while the many IT systems and IIoT devices bring huge benefits to critical infrastructure and industrial organizations, they also bring new cybersecurity challenges.

Webinar: Best Practices to Deploy Zero Trust With AI-driven Threat Detection for IT/OT Networks

  • Webinar

In this webinar, we will explore current security and operational challenges faced by asset owners and operators as IT/OT networks converge.

Targeted ICS Ransomware in Manufacturing: Be Prepared

  • Webinar

This webinar, by leaders in OT cybersecurity, provides an in-depth exploration of the threat landscape for industrial / OT automation in manufacturing. Join us to understand today's and tomorrow's threats and to explore robust, practical responses to this evolving threat environment.

URGENT11 and CDPwn - One Year Later: Unpatched, Unprepared, Unprotected

  • Webinar

Join Ben Seri, VP of Research, and Chris Dobrec, VP, Product Marketing at Armis, as they share new information and levels of exposure, demonstrate how these devices can be exploited, and how you can mitigate risk for your organization.

Information Technology and Operations Technology: Beyond Convergence

  • White Paper

The whitepaper outlines why organizations need to move beyond IT/OT convergence to ensure full integration—for enterprise security.

Webinar: From the Office to the Field--Cybersecurity Effectiveness for IT and OT

  • Webinar

Industrial organizations manage expensive and sophisticated equipment at their plants–and the systems that run the machinery are increasingly being connected to the internet. The cybersecurity implications of this trend are substantial, including possible threats to physical safety, and in some cases, national security.

Eliminating Friction From Industrial IoT Initiatives

  • White Paper

In "Eliminating Friction," VP of Business Development Dave Westrom explains that the true cause of failure is the lack of getting to value quickly. After all, time is money, and the more time spent trying to launch a successful IIoT initiative, the greater likelihood it will fail.