Byline Article & Story Submission Guidelines

Website and eNewsletter Article Submission Guidelines and Specifications articles are an opportunity to illustrate expertise thought leadership, tips, and strategies related to the automation industry. We greatly encourage professionals and leaders throughout the industries to submit their stories and insights to share with the community.

Please submit your article contributions to [email protected], per the guidelines:


  • Mention company name adjacent to the author’s name/title.
  • One mention of a trade name or trademark in the body of the article.
  • One “Read more” link to content author’s company/product website of choice
  • Images of installed product and screen images that help explain/illustrate article ideas with descriptive captions.
Not Allowed
  • References to competitor by name in any potentially comparative or exclusive manner, other than general awareness mention in the most evenly represented, data-based, fair manner.
  • Any superfluous, unsubstantiated or exaggerated claims about product superiority. (Just the facts, please)
  • Any discussion that, under normal standards of courtesy and maturity, would offend another producer of similar equipment and services.
Please Submit the following with your article:
  • Microsoft Word File
  • Featured image for the article.  Images 500 pixels wide by 313 pixels high work best with the website/e-newsletter layouts, so please make every effort to provide this dimension. 
  • 500 – 1,800 Words. We can be lenient but keep the reader in mind - shorter is always better
  • Article title
  • Brief About the Author(s) biography
  • Author’s e-mail or other email for readers to ask questions
  • Photo images, charts, drawings & captions submitted as separate image files.  Include text for image captions.
 *’s primary focus is the reader. In that vein, we reserve the right to edit, cut or replace, that which we feel necessary to maintain’s content value to the reader.
 (Hint: The sentence ‘The state-of-the-art, rugged [insert product name here] was designed to drive significantly enhanced productivity and avoid costly expenses due to downtime’ offers zero reader value.)