Ebook Article & Story Submission Guidelines

E-book Article Submission Specifications

  • Articles submitted for an Automation.com e-book can be adapted whitepapers, blog posts, original reports or other non-commercial essays or technical papers designed to inform, educate and enlighten our audience of global automation professionals. They will be reformatted to fit the design of e-book.
  • ​Articles should be approximately 1800 to 2200 words long with 1-4 pictures or charts, and be on a topic appropriate to the issue. To facilitate production, please submit a Word document and separate graphics files, or an unlocked high-resolution PDF.
  • Articles may be based on material that has been published/distributed elsewhere but we cannot pick up material copyrighted  to another publication. Also, the headline of the article should not be exactly the same as your existing whitepaper or report. Our editors are happy to make recommendations or to adapt your source material for publication, subject to your approval. 
  • We have found articles have more credibility with readers when we they include a named author, so please provide an author name and title. We also will run, if you want to provide them, a brief author bio, an email address or other contact information, and a photo of the author. 
  • The article should include a link for more information. You can link to the original report or whitepaper on your website, a topic-specific URL, or any other destination you prefer. If you don’t provide a specific link, we will use your company’s home page URL.
  • If you have any questions about format or content, contact Chief Editor Renee Bassett at rbassett@automation.com or (630) 258-8744.