Advantech IIoT iAutomation Group

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Advantech IIoT iAutomation Group

Advantech Corporation, IIoT iAutomation Group - With the theme of Intelligent Automation, Seamless Integration, the IIoT iAutomation Group of Advantech Corporation is a pioneer in intelligent Automation technology. By combining connectivity, flexibility, ruggedness and being at the leading-edge of Internet of Things technology, IAG offers product offerings from Intelligent HMI platforms, Industrial Ethernet, Wireless Communication, Automation Controllers, Automation Software, Embedded Automation Computers, Distributed I/O Modules, Wireless Sensor Network Solutions, Plug-in I/O, and Industrial Communication solutions for a wide array of industries. With more than 30 years of experience in providing a full range of products to different vertical markets, the Industrial Automation Group is proving to be a global leading Automation Product and Services provider.

  • 11380 Reed Hartman Highway
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
    United States
  • 513-742-8895
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  • Computer Hardware / Industrial Computers
  • Computer Hardware / Computer Motherboards
  • Computer Hardware / Industrial Computer Monitors
  • Controllers / Control Systems / Programmable Automation Controllers / PACs
  • Controllers / Control Systems / Programmable Logic Controllers / PLCs
  • Controllers / Control Systems / Building Automation Systems
  • Displays / Touch Screen Displays
  • Displays / Operator Interface Equipment
  • Displays / Human Machine Interfaces / Operator Interface Terminals
  • Displays / LED Displays
  • Displays / Custom Control Panels
  • Displays / Flat Panel Displays
  • Enclosures / Enclosures
  • Function Modules / Data Devices / Digital I/O
  • Function Modules / Data Devices / Data Acquisition - Systems / Instruments
  • Function Modules / Data Devices / Analog I/O
  • Function Modules / Data Devices / Data Acquisition
  • Function Modules / Data Devices / Analog to Digital Converters / ADC
  • Function Modules / Data Devices / Data Acquisition - Output Modules
  • Function Modules / Data Devices / I/O Modules
  • ID Systems / Inventory Management / Bar Code Scanners
  • Services / Industrial Automation Services