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Kett provides test equipment and solutions for industrial and agricultural concerns to accurately assess, monitor and improve the quality of their processes and products. Serving you since 1945, we strive to provide the most reliable, precise equipment and highest level of customer support available. Highlights * Over 200 instruments manufactured, over 100 are moisture / composition related. * Online process, desktop, or handheld instruments. * Instant Measurement. Our top of the line Near-Infrared meters provides instant, non-contact, and non-destructive process measurement. * All capabilities and applications.ample Industries and Applications INDUSTRY APPLICATION DESCRIPTION * Pulp/Paper Dryer Cans Analyze the web for wet streaks and uneven drying * Chemicals Tunnel Dryers Instant analysis optimizes dryer efficiency and production throughput * Pharmaceuticals Fluid-bed Dryers On-line measurement improves granulation consistency Product Categories * Near Infrared Composition Analyzers These devices provide instantaneous, non-contact measurements of moisture, fat, protein and other components for both solids and liquids by using optical absorbance. Ranges from .01% to 100% can be accurately, repeatedly measured within +/- 0.01%. Models include automatic zero adjustment, on-line calibration, large digital displays, memory, output options, computer interface, and industrial design. Optional data analysis software and specialized sensors provide the user with unmatched versatility and complete process control. * Near Infrared Moisture Analyzers Handheld, desktop, and on-line production models are available. Similar to the Composition Analyzers, NIR light is reflected from the liquid or solid and moisture content is immediately displayed without contact or sample degradation or alteration. * Moisture Determination Balances Continuous, accurate, and repeatable measurements using built-in microprocessors. Simple to use and rugged, yet faster than oven-drying. Models are available for all budgets, sample weights, and moisture contents. * Micro Moisture Meter Unique Gain-on-Drying Instrument allows liquids and solids to be tested with accuracy of 2PPM and will accurately measure products with volatiles other than water. This innovative device requires no reagents, and is faster, less expensive, and easier to use than a Karl Fischer (KF) test. * Wood and Paper Moisture Testers Fifty years of field experience allow Kett to offer unsurpassed quality, reliability and versatility in our moisture testers. Compact, handheld, one-piece units provide portable measurement of over 80 types of wood. We also offer the only non-invasive meter available for applications requiring measurements on rare and exotic woods, or, where non-invasive testing is desirable. Digital readouts, limit alarms, automatic temperature correction, and auto power-off are standard. * Paper Moisture Testers Two portable, digital models are available depending on the moisture range. Both use electric resistance to measure the moisture of both kraft and corrugated paper. Direct moisture readings, special calibrations, and relative moisture measurements are standard features. * Grain Moisture Analyzers Thanks to our strenuous R&D efforts, Kett is internationally recognized for agricultural moisture testers and inspection instruments. Reliable performance and foolproof operation minimize operator variances, while providing simple calibration verification. Handheld, laboratory, and production models are available. All use electrical resistance principles. Digital displays, multiple calibrations, and rugged, ergonomic designs are standard. Various models offer on-line calibration, printer options, memory features, and built-in scales. * Concrete/Mortar/Multi-Purpose Moisture Testers A portable, handheld, non-invasive model provides unmatched performance and versatility. Utilizing the dielectric principle, this unit can determine the average moisture content to a depth of 40mm. A digital display, limit alarms, automatic temperature correction, and auto power-off are included. One model will test for leaks in walls and slabs. * Coating Thickness Testers The finest complete line of handheld nondestructive gauges for testing ferrous and nonferrous substrates. Digital displays and rugged, industrial designs are standard. Specific models include memory, statistics, integrated printers, and wireless probes. * Surface Analyzers Precise evaluation of friction, abrasion, adhesion, scratch and peel resistance is available in several benchtop designs. Digital output is provided for quantitative evaluation of process or product variability. * Tribometers Our handheld models calculate the coefficient of static friction in under 10 seconds. These simple-to-use compact units operate on batteries, providing tremendous versatility, and includes an automatic averaging function. * Whiteness Meters/Colorimeters Using photodiodes and reflective index principles, two models are available for powder and granular measurements. Automatic sensitivity adjustment ensures accurate, repeatable determination of sample purity and color. * Mixing Systems A full line of mixing systems for process and laboratory use. Digital speed control, dual circuit protection, keyless chucks, Saf-T-Chuck, and Free-Joint are some of the patented features that allow our mixers to optimize performance.We strive to provide excellent service and customer support * Integration Services We can design, install and implement measuring systems for most plants and processes. * Custom Software Development Our staff will be glad to assist with software development for quality control measurement, analysis and improvement. If you have measurement tracking requirements we can help. * Maintenance Agreements and Repair We handle all service and support for our equipment, even if it is 60+ years old.

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