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Optical Scientific Inc.

Optical Scientific, Inc. (OSi), founded in 1985, is a sensor manufacturer and engineering firm located in the I-270 high technology corridor in Maryland. Our sensors are non-contacting electro-optical devices that measure air and gas flow, wind, turbulence, liquid and powder tank levels, visibility and precipitation amount and type. Our name is synonymous with advanced optical instrumentation. OSi sensors and systems reliably serve customer's needs at refineries, smelters, power plants, large boilers, airports, along highways and railroad tracks, on ocean-going ships and buoys and hundreds of other commercial and industrial sites from Alaska and China to Antarctica. Our sensors are designed for maximum performance, wide dynamic range, extremely harsh environments, long life and easy installation and operation. For nearly 30 years we have been developing product innovations to meet the complex remote-sensing, measurement, data collection, and communications demands of the 21st century. Our products and capabilities include: Environmental Instruments (Optical Anemometers & Optical Flow Sensors), Laser Level Meters, Weather Instruments (crosswind, turbulence, rain, snow, visibility & present weather sensors), Modular Automated Weather Observing Systems, low cost portable weather stations and a wide range of systems engineering, field testing, installation, training and support services, all with excellent customer service.

  • Suite 6 2 Metropolitan Court
    Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
    United States
  • 301-963-3630
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  • Analytical Instrumentation / Gas / Air Instruments
  • Energy / Environmental Monitoring and Instrumentation / Weather Instruments
  • Flow Instrumentation / Flow Transmitters
  • Flow Instrumentation / Mass Flow Meters
  • Flow Instrumentation / Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Flow Instrumentation / Air Velocity Flow Sensors
  • Flow Instrumentation / Flow Meters
  • Flow Instrumentation / Gas Flow Meters
  • Sensors / Transducers / Visibility / Dust / Opacity Sensors
  • Sensors / Transducers / Level Sensors