Custom Controls Survey

Thank you for clicking into this survey. Please take a moment to answer the following questions about your use of custom controls.
* 1. Do you use custom designed control boards? (i.e. green boards)
No (if you answer No, please don't proceed with the rest of the survey)
* 2. What is your primary reason for using custom control solutions?
  Lower cost of controls
Off the shelf products do not meet the functionality required (i.e. performance, mounting, special I/O, special functions, etc.)
Custom control improves our opportunity for service revenue
Other (Please specify below)
   Please specify other here:
* 3. When using custom control solutions our greatest challenge is? (Select all that apply)
  Product support
Product development
Time to market
Global Support
Component changes
Communication to other devices and/or remote connectivity
Industrial environments
UL or other agency approvals
We have no challenges with our custom control boards
Other (Please specify below)
   Please specify other here:
* 4. Off the shelf PLC’s are currently not used for the following key reasons (Select two)
PLC’s do more than we need
PLC’s do not have the capabilities we need
Size (too large)
Never looked seriously at PLC’s as an alternative
Other (Please specify below)
   Please specify other here:
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