Alarm Monitoring & Management White Papers and Technical Articles

Articles and white papers on alarm monitoring and management used in factory automation, process control, and instrumentation.

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Kinder Morgan Canada Uses Matrikon Alarm Manager for Pipeline Management

Matrikon Alarm Manager collects and stores all alarm and event data, allowing Kinder Morgan Canada to measure alarms, reduce nuisance alarms, adjust workloads, manage changes and standardize alarm practices across its pipelines. Read full article

Alarms Trips: The Ups and Downs

A limit alarm trip monitors a process signal (such as one representing temperature, pressure, level or flow) and compares it against a preset limit. If the process signal moves to an undesirable high or low condition, the alarm activates a relay output to warn of trouble, provide on/off control or institute an emergency shutdown. While limit alarm trips are best known as a sure way to activate a warning light, siren or bell when a process problem occurs, they are also called upon to do much more. In fact, today’s highly flexible and versatile alarm trips can be found working in a wide range of applications, under an impressive list of pseudonyms. Read entire article by Moore Industries.

Do You Really Know How Well Your Plant is Running?

In today’s “no-time” environment it can be a tall order to stay on top of everything that’s going on. With thousands of devices to monitor and problems to deal with, plant managers can get so sidetracked that they haven’t time to see the full picture. Read entire article by Brian Gibson, P. Eng., Machine Automation Inc. (pdf)

Keeping the Peace (and Quiet)

Executing an alarm management strategy is no small task. However, one of the hardest parts is sustaining the work done. As plants change and expand, personnel turn over, and operations continue to remove obstacles in the way of production, nuisance alarms seem to creep back. In order to continue your alarm management strategy and keep the peace, the challenges you will face range from getting various plant personnel involved to integrating the relevant systems. Read full article by Roy Tanner (ABB), Jeff Gould (Matrikon), Rob Turner (ABB Engineering Services), and Tony Atkinson (ABB Engineering Services).

Geometry Unifies Process Control, Production Control & Alarm Management

Geometric Process Control (GPC) combines the three key plant applications of Process Control, Production Control (i.e. Achievement of Business Objectives such as producing in-spec product, maximizing Yield or Recovery, minimizing waste and many other Key Performance Indicators) and Alarm Management. It improves all three applications which were previously quite separate as they lacked a unifying mathematical basis. They came together only in the different brains of individual process operators hence inconsistently. Substantial economic and safety improvements result. Read full article