Update: Government Spending leads to Automation Opportunities

Update: Government Spending leads to Automation Opportunities

April 28, 2009

By Bill Lydon - Contributing Editor

The first article on this topic was published as Government Spending leads to Automation Opportunities.  This update provides additional information since the first article was published, and since the government stimulus is so large and is a moving target.  It is important to be on the lookout for automation opportunities from these investments. In addition, the stimulus in other countries may well create business opportunities for companies that are in your area.

I will caution you based on my experience selling to government and military that you need to do some homework to find the real opportunities.

Some more things to consider...

Electricity Consumption Set To Double By 2030

Source: IEA, World Energy Outlook 2008


Electricity use is growing twice as fast as overall energy consumption so you may want to think about what your company has to offer to utilities, in-house cogeneration, and manufacturers of products serving the electric power industry.

$11 trillion investments projected between 2004-2030

50% required just to maintain current level of power supply

Transmission taking more than 50% share of investments in electricity infrastructure

Aging electric grids in mature economies require upgrades:


  • $19 billion direct spending and loan guarantees for power transmission, distribution and generation.

  • $8 billion loan guarantees for renewable energy, power transmission

  • $6.5 billion loan guarantees to specified utilities for new power lines and transmission upgrades

  • $4.5 billion for smart grid systems


  • Canada package includes $ 2.3 billion for energy infrastructure and energy efficiency.


  • $132 billion to expand power grids by 26,000 km, incl. new equipment by 2009-10.


  • $132 billion to expand power grids by 26,000 km, incl. new equipment by 2009-10.


  • $1.7 billion additional funding for the 2007-12 power development program to reduce T&D losses below 15%

Wind energy markets will continue to book

The 2009 Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) industry forecast predicts that the word's wind energy capacity will nearly triple in the next five years, following a decade of spectacular growth. This development will be led by tremendous growth in China, and steady expansion in Europe and North America.

GWEC predicts that in 2013, five years from now, global wind generating capacity will stand at 332 GW, up from 120 GW at the end of 2008. During 2013, 56.3 GW of wind generating capacity will be added, more than double the annual market in 2008. The year-on-year growth rates during this period will average 22%, which is modest compared to an average increase of 28% over the last ten years.

For more information, including graphs: Global Wind 2008 Report

Federal General Services Administration (GSA) Project Plan Published March 31, 2009

This spending plan details how GSA will spend the $5.55 billion authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ("Recovery Act"), including measures necessary to convert Federal buildings into high-performance green buildings, renovate and construct Federal buildings and courthouses, and renovate and construct land ports of entry (LPOE).

Associated General Contractors (www.agc.org)

AGC's Stimulus at Work Web site is updated as information becomes available and includes timely updates on stimulus project funding, including the U.S. Department of Education's recent announcement of $44 billion for states and schools.  This includes $32.6 billion under the State Fiscal Stabilization

The Stimulus: What it Means to the Construction Industry: http://www.agc.org/cs/rebuild_americas_future

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (www.recovery.gov)

A large number of opportunities are becoming available as federal agencies implement the Recovery Act. You can search, monitor and review grant opportunities at Grants.gov; contract opportunities at FedBizOpps.gov; and loan opportunities at GovLoans.gov. To learn if you are eligible to receive government benefits, visit GovBenefits.gov.

Dept. of Defense Expenditure Plans

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Department of Defense Expenditure Plans Published March 2009. The Recovery Act includes approximately $7.4 billion in Defense-related appropriations. 

Agency Recovery Sites

Many agencies have already established their own Recovery Act web pages and submitted initial weekly reports. These reports contain information on funding, major actions taken so far, and those actions planned for the near-term. Use the links below to learn more about how the different agencies and departments are spending the funds allocated to them by the ARRA. But keep in mind, many more pages will come online -- with much more information -- in the weeks and months ahead, so check back often for updates.



Using this site you can look up projects by state, county and city. This site has a neat lookup by Onvia, who is a provider of Business-to-Government solutions in the United States, covering the broadest set of industries and products at every level of government.   Onvia developed the site to bring transparency and accountability to recovery spending and ensure that every business regardless of size has equal access to the projects associated with the recovery efforts.

State Economic Stimulus Recovery WEB Sites

Alabama - http://recovery.alabama.gov/

Alaska - http://omb.alaska.gov/10_omb/budget/IndexEconomicStimulus.htm

Arizona - http://az.gov/recovery/

Arkansas - http://recovery.arkansas.gov/

California - http://www.recovery.ca.gov/

Colorado - http://www.colorado.gov/recovery/

Connecticut - http://www.ct.gov/recovery/site/default.asp

Delaware - http://recovery.delaware.gov/

District of Columbia - http://recovery.dc.gov/recovery/site/default.asp

Florida - http://flarecovery.com/

Georgia - http://stimulusaccountability.ga.gov/02/gov/stimulus/home/0,2804,134245182,00.html

Hawaii - http://hawaii.gov/recovery

Idaho - http://www.accountability.idaho.gov/

Illinois - http://www.illinois.gov/recovery/

Indiana - http://www.in.gov/gov/INvest.htm

Iowa - http://recovery.iowa.gov/

Kansas - http://governor.ks.gov/recovery/

Kentucky - http://kentuckyatwork.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx

Louisiana - http://www.stimulus.la.gov/

Maine - http://www.maine.gov/recovery/

Maryland - http://statestat.maryland.gov/recovery.asp

Massachusetts - http://www.mass.gov/?pageID=stimhomepage&L=1&L0=Home&sid=Fstim

Michigan - http://www.michigan.gov/recovery

Minnesota - http://www.mmb.state.mn.us/stimulus

Mississippi - http://stimulus.ms.gov/msgo/mssr.nsf

Missouri - http://transform.mo.gov/

Montana - http://www.recovery.mt.gov/default.mcpx

Nebraska - http://www.recovery.nebraska.gov/

Nevada - http://nevada.gov/recovery/

New Hampshire - http://www.nh.gov/recovery/

New Jersey - http://www.nj.gov/recovery/

New Mexico - http://www.recovery.state.nm.us/

New York - http://www.recovery.ny.gov/index.htm

North Carolina - http://www.ncrecovery.gov/

North Dakota - http://www.nd.gov/recovery/

Ohio - http://recovery.ohio.gov/

Oklahoma - http://oklahoma.gov/recovery/

Oregon - http://www.oregon.gov/recovery/

Pennsylvania - http://www.recovery.pa.gov/portal/server.pt/community/recovery_pa_gov/5994

Rhode Island - http://www.recovery.ri.gov/

South Carolina - http://www.stimulus.sc.gov/

South Dakota - http://recovery.sd.gov/

Tennessee - http://tnrecovery.gov/

Texas - http://window.state.tx.us/recovery/

Utah - http://www.recovery.utah.gov/

Vermont - http://recovery.vermont.gov/

Virginia - http://www.stimulus.virginia.gov/

Washington - http://www.recovery.wa.gov/

West Virginia - http://www.wvgov.org/sec.aspx?ID=115

Wisconsin - http://www.recovery.wisconsin.gov/

Wyoming - http://wyoming.gov/recovery/

If you find other useful resources, please let us know and we will publish them.