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Who is Dick Morley?

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Dick Morley is best known as the father of the programmable controller and is the leading visionary in the field of advanced technological development. He is also an entrepreneur whose consistent successes in the founding of high technology companies has been demonstrated through more than three decades of revolutionary achievements. Mr. Morley is the recipient of the Franklin Institute's prestigious Howard N. Potts Award and is an inductee of the Automation Hall of Fame. He holds more than twenty US and foreign patents, including those for the parallel inference machine, the hand-held terminal, the programmable logic controller and magnetic thin film. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of National Center of Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), Director at Large for the Society Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and a member of the Manufacturing Advisory Board for Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). For more information, visit
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Goin' Fishin'

Goin' Fishin' is Dick Morley's unique perspective on a typical American company. Dick uses a combination of art and tongue-in-cheek humor to draw parallels between Fish and Corporate America. View the entire Goin' Fishin' Series.

Risk Management and Opportunity

Risk management and its compatriot, opportunity, bring many surprises. Dick Morley had to toss his pre-conceived notions of risk management out the window in order to write this column. In one interview, risk management was described as a never-ending leadership function across the entire project and enterprise. Read Dick’s perspective on risk management and the corresponding opportunities that can emerge. Read full article by Dick Morley.