New Year's Resolution - Poem written by Rick Zabel in January 2007

New Year's Resolution - 2007

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Written on January 2, 2007
by Rick Zabel, Publisher of

Another year is upon us, it's time to resolve
You promise to change, to improve and evolve
With all these revisions you get caught in a trance
Time goes to so quickly you don't have a chance

So here's my suggestion to you as a friend,
pick just one resolution that you can transcend
Whether big or small, put forth all your effort,
for without a committment you are sure to revert

Some of you will choose to make a personal change
like shedding pounds or cleaning all within range
Others will choose to improve things at work
like making amends with that colleague, the jerk

As engineers, your systems are reliable by design
You configure and program to meet a deadline
It's your job to automate as much as you can
You also must optimize to please "The Big Man."

It's easy to get caught up in your day-to-day job
Your continued hard work makes your head just throb.
But, let's not forget what is most important...
The family and friends that you enjoy each moment

So start this new year with just one resolution,
to make a small difference or find a solution
Do whatever you can to improve whatever you want
But, whatever you do, make life worth the jaunt

Happy New Year!