'Twas the night before Christmas - Lyrics by Rick Zabel (2006)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

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Written on December 18, 2006
by Rick Zabel, Publisher of Automation.com
'Twas the night before Christmas and all though the site
no visitors were browsing, not even one byte.
The news was all edited and published with care,
for all the engineers that would soon read there.
The suppliers all listed by products they manufacture
in hopes of some users they may soon capture.
With archived products so easy to search
you'll never again be left in a lurch.
When out from the search there arose a large smatter
of products and services that really do matter.
How easy it is to find just what you need
when the site is so focused on automation, indeed.
With all of this traffic, we're right on the verge,
so we've upgraded our servers to handle the surge.
Please navigate and browse til your heart is content,
we serve automation intelligence of every extent.
Now Safety! Now Wireless! Now Process Controller!
On I/O! On Sensors! On Networks and Software!
To the top of the plant! To the top of the biz!
Now automate! Automate! Automate all!
You might have found us first by searching the web
while looking for a solution to the problem you dread.
With news, products, articles, jobs and the such,
please come back often, we'll keep you in touch!
Happy Holidays to all, to us you mean much!