Who is Walt Boyes?

Walt Boyes is a veteran of the automation industry, and has been a field technician, sales rep, new product development team member, marketing manager, sales manager, and CEO. He is especially proud of the 20% of an R&D100 award he shares with four other team members. He is Editor of The Instrumentation Reference Book, Third Edition (available from Automation.com) and co-author of e-Business in Manufacturing: putting the Internet to work in the Industrial Enterprise.


Walt provides consulting services in marketing, distribution, engineering, new product development and eBusiness enablement for the automation industry jointly with David W. Spitzer, P. E., as Spitzer and Boyes LLC Walt can be reached at [email protected]. His monthly newsletter, "Notes from Walt's Desk…" can be read at http://www.spitzerandboyes.com. Walt and David are co-authors of "The Consumer Guide..." series, distributed by Automation.com. "The Consumer Guide to Magnetic Flowmeters" and the "Consumer Guide to Coriolis Mass Flowmeters" are available from Automation.com bookstore with other titles in preparation.