Building Automation White Papers and Technical Articles

Articles and white papers relating to Building Automation.

Time For Action: When Windows Can't Protect You, May 2010
By Torsten Rössel, Innominate Security Technologies
The clock is ticking. In a few months, untold numbers of Windows 2000 systems will no longer have access to Extended Support and Security Updates, when these end in July 2010. Nor may there be adequate time for analysis and evaluation of alternatives, decision making, planning, preparation and implementation of a new operating system. Click here to read full article...

Integrated Facility Management Systems Yield Sustainable Results

By Jeff Seewald – Building Intelligence Group
An integrated facility management and maintenance program provides a more empowered and productive staff, increased operational efficiency, and support for operations and maintenance. Addressing management issues in a timely manner can improve the longevity of equipment and systems. Click here to read full article...

Why use an industrial Ethernet Switch?

By Joe Stasiek, Contemporary Controls
When interconnecting Ethernet equipment within a control panel, the temptation is to select an office-grade Ethernet switch from one of the mass merchandisers. This can lead to large problems in a Building Automation System. Here’s why. Click here to read full article...

Introduction to OPC for Building Automation

By Darek Kominek, Matrikon
HMIs, historians, and analysis and reporting packages that originate in the process control industry may not have drivers that support such protocols as BACnet or other building automation protocols. OPC can solve the problem. Click here to read full article...

“Open” for Business

By Ron Bernstein, LonMark International
Open systems allow access to the total facility, providing the resources building owners need to evaluate energy use and resource consumption. The result is better educated decisions about how to improve utilization as well as reduce costs. Here’s an in-depth look into the meaning of having open building controls and a guide to purchasing a genuinely open solution.Click here to read full article...

Warehouse Control System: Orchestrating Warehouse Efficiency

By Rich Hite and Jerry List, QC Software
Warehouse Management System and Warehouse Control System may seem similar, but they perform very different tasks in managing the entire warehouse operation. This paper will help you decide if a WCS is right for your warehouse, and some of the key questions you should ask potential software vendors. Read entire article by QC Software Inc.

AHR Expo towers above the rest

By Bill Lydon,
The 2008 AHR Expo, held in New York City, January 22-24, shattered attendance records with over 39,000 attendees. The latest in “green” products, trends, technologies and solutions were featured with an array of new, energy-efficient, products on display from more than 1,800 companies around the world. Read full article.