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Click for Jim Pinto is pleased to present this corporate cultures article series about leading industrial automation suppliers including companies like Schneider Electric, Emerson, ABB, Honeywell, Omron, Yokogawa, and more. Read more to find out what makes these companies tick. These articles are written by Jim Pinto, well-known industry commentator, and analyst and consultant. Jim is pretty well connected in the automation industry and much of his information comes directly from executives and managers of these various companies.

Infosys - Global growth with a conscience

Infosys is one of the largest software companies in the world. Jim Pinto visited the corporate headquarters in Bangalore, India in February 2007. Here is Jim's report which describes this significant company and its strikingly different corporate culture. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

Honeywell Culture Drives for Leadership

With annual revenue of about $30B and current market-cap of about $ 32B, Honeywell is arguably the largest US-based automation company. The company operates with four segments: Aerospace, Automation & Control Solutions, Specialty Materials, and Transportation Systems. Here’s an updated view of the corporate culture. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

The Invensys/Foxboro Culture – Took a lickin’ & kept on tickin’

Just six years ago Invensys was one of the top industrial companies, with annual revenues of about $ 14B and comparable market-cap. But, after several unwise acquisitions the stock declined drastically and many of the best-performing companies in the group were sold off to stay financially afloat. Here’s a review of how the corporate culture not only survived, but thrived. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

MTL Has Crossed $100M With Independent Growth & Success

Measurement Technology Limited is part of The MTL Instrument Group plc, recognized throughout the process control industry as the world leader in Intrinsic Safety products. Growing beyond its niche, MTL is successfully developing a strong position as an automation hardware infrastructure provider. It is now a multi- national group of companies with its headquarters and main manufacturing in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

Matrikon - A Successful Solutions Provider Approaching $100m

Matrikon is one of the largest independent industrial automation systems integrators in North America. The company has already broken some of the barriers that limit the size of systems integrators: dependency on a couple of key founders; inability to grow beyond narrow, local markets; capital for global expansion. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

National Instruments – Culture of Growth & Success

National Instruments achieved about $ 600 million in annual revenue in 2005, and looks well set to exceed $ 1 billion within the next few years. The company is exceptional in that it has thrived for three decades after startup, with an adaptive people-orientated culture and the founder is still in charge. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

ABB Corporate Culture – Winners Shaped by History

Already an automation leader, ABB made a series of bold acquisitions in the 1990's. In mid-2002, the company was in serious trouble. However, quick, decisive action succeeded in reversing most of the problems. Read this review of the culture of a new, stronger and more focused ABB – one of the automation industry's most dramatic turnarounds. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

The Emerson Difference

Emerson has been in business for 115 years. Now with 115,000 employees, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturing companies with operations around the globe. Emerson Process Management is a leader in process control and automation. Emerson is an achievement-oriented culture, which seems to attract some of the best people in the industry. Read full article by Jim Pinto.

Schneider Electric – Aggressive French Giant

Schneider Electric calls itself “the world’s power and control specialist”. Through its well-known controller brands – Merlin Gerin, Square D and Telemecanique – the company serves the residential, building, industry and energy and infrastructure markets. All operating numbers show significant growth and their strategy of selective acquisitions continues. Read full article by Jim Pinto.