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Articles and white papers on industrial fieldbus, serial bus and IO networks and communication used in the automation, process control, and instrumentation industry.

The High Power Trunk Alternative to FISCO and FNICO

By Bernd Schuessler, Business Development Manager
End users throughout the Fieldbus world are demanding more power to connect more instruments to their Fieldbus segments in Class I, Division 1, and Class I, Division 2, hazardous location applications.  There is a superior alternative to both that gives engineers all the power they need to fully load a Fieldbus segment, even in a hazardous location. Read full article...

Introduction to Fieldbus

Fieldbus is simple. So simple, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is all about. In this article, we’ll stick to the two basic fieldbuses used in process control: PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1. We’ll cover how fieldbus works, show how to connect instruments, and explain why—in most cases—you can’t connect all 32 instruments on a single fieldbus segment as all the advertising claims. We will also talk about the differences between PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION fieldbus, FISCO vs. Entity intrinsically-safe fieldbus systems, installing redundant segments, and EDDL vs. FDT.  Read full white paper.

FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus:Tested. Proven. Available Today.

The challenges facing modern industry are different from those of the past. Shareholders expect increased profitability and sustainable growth. Expanding global markets lead to increased competition. These demands require that companies find new ways to reduce operating costs, streamline and/or re-orient workforces, accelerate delivery times, and develop innovative products. More Info...

Will Industrial Ethernet Render Field Bus Systems Obsolete?

Although it is universally accepted that Industrial Ethernet is transforming automation and process technology, this does not imply that it is the only feasible option, as Martin Müller, marketing manager of the Business Unit 'Automation Systems' of Phoenix Contact, points out. Read full article by Hannover Messe.

Introduction to EtherCAT - Ethernet Control Automation Technology

This paper introduces EtherCAT, an Ethernet-based fieldbus system. EtherCAT sets new performance standards. Handling is straightforward and similar to a fieldbus, thanks to flexible topology and simple configuration. Moreover, since EtherCAT can be implemented very cost-effectively, the system enables fieldbusses to be used in applications where fieldbus networking was not an option in the past. EtherCAT is an open technology for which IEC standardization is in progress. Read complete paper...

Introduction to Profibus-DP

ProfiBus was created in 1989 by the German government in cooperation with several manufacturers of automation equipment. It is a messaging format specifically designed for high-speed serial I/O in factory and building automation applications. It is an open standard and is recognized as the fastest FieldBus in operation today. More Info...

PAS (Process Automation System) Independent Process Monitoring and Field Device Management

Today, over 12 million installed process field devices allow full access to measurement and configuration data via the open HART® communication standard. However, the challenge is to get practical access to this data. Access to the information within HART communication capable devices is often not possible through legacy telemetry and automation platforms. This article describes the application of the Fieldgate HART to XML based field server and the open standard Fieldcare Field Device Tool (FDT) to gain on demand access to selected HART devices over wired and wireless Information Technology based Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Visibility of and access to field device information contributes to efforts to improve the life cycle management of process plants and associated distribution operations. Read complete article...

IEEE 1394 and Industrial Automation: A Perfect Blend

Modern day Industrial Automation Systems control highly complex networks of high performance machine systems executing multi parameter control of variables like Precision Motion, Force, Temperature, Flow-Rate, Pressure, etc. More Info...

On-MachineTM - On the Cutting Edge of Automation

With the current squeeze on capital investments, companies are searching for ways to lower the cost of installing and maintaining automation systems. As a means to this end, they’re finding that moving industrial controls and hardware closer to the application or directly onto the machine saves considerable time and money. This paper examines the scope of On-Machine™ solutions, outlines the key benefits of this growing trend and highlights examples where a distributed, On-Machine architecture has been successful. Read full article(PDF) by Rockwell Automation.

Introduction to Modbus

The Modbus protocol provides an industry standard method that Modbus devices use for parsing messages. This protocol was developed by Modicon, Incorporated, for industrial automation systems and Modicon programmable controllers. More Info...

Technology Update-Fieldbus

If your fieldbus network had a report card, the most important area for connectors to get high marks in would be "Plays Well with Others." More Info...

New I/O Architecture Options

The increasing number of distributed I/O options available today is steadily increasing to meet industry’s changing needs. Ethernet in industrial applications are growing rapidly. As Ethernet expands into high speed direct I/O control, the performance of the network infrastructure and I/O devices has been increased. This paper will describe the some of benefits and application factors of this new technology. Read complete paper by Steven Redcay of Phoenix Contact.