White Papers from SPS EAA 2005

Cost Reduction Through Electrical CAE

Whether they compete at a regional, national or global level, today’s manufacturers and automation suppliers are faced with the same challenge – They must be faster, cheaper and better or they will quickly be out of the race. They must look for ways to increase productivity through high valueadded products to meet their customers’ specific requirements. In the electrical engineering field, one way to achieve automation is through a computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software solution developed precisely for generating wiring diagrams. Read complete paper by Mark A Taylor of EPLAN Software and Services LLC

Largest US Ethernet Powerlink Application with 22 Motion Axes

Increased raw material prices, skyrocketing labor cost and huge customer incentives at car dealerships force the Automotive Industry in the United States to use more efficient machinery in order to cut overall production cost. As an answer to that urgent demand Eagle Manufacturing designed a new machine concept with 22 different interacting servo-axes. Click here to read full article... by Markus Sandhoefner of B&R Industrial Automation

Intelligent Programmable Drives Become a Control for the Entire Machine

Mechatronic solutions and modular machine concepts become more and more important for machine manufacturers. Mechatronics has proven to simplify machine construction with servo drives and intelligent Motion Control software. With the right control architecture, machine building becomes extremely efficient and allows the development of very flexible machines with a high degree of quality and throughput. Read complete paper by Josef Hammer of Siemens Energy & Automation.

PC & Embedded Control Trends

The trend to reduce machine size and cost while increasing productivity requires new approaches to control systems. Thanks to the increased reliability of Industrial PC technology, traditional rack-based PLCs can be replaced with more powerful PC-based control systems. While Industrial PC’s provide the highest performance and control capacity, new generations of PC technology based on open embedded operating systems, combine the functions of a PLC and an operator panel in one unit which is applicable to smaller scale applications. Read complete paper by Bjoern Falke of Phoenix Contact.

New I/O Architecture Options

The increasing number of distributed I/O options available today is steadily increasing to meet industry’s changing needs. Ethernet in industrial applications are growing rapidly. As Ethernet expands into high speed direct I/O control, the performance of the network infrastructure and I/O devices has been increased. This paper will describe the some of benefits and application factors of this new technology. Read complete paper by Steven Redcay of Phoenix Contact.