HMI and SCADA Software & Technologies White Papers and Articles

Articles and white papers on SCADA, HMI, and MMI software technologies used in the automation, process control, and instrumentation industry.

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Physical-Device Recognition Improves Cyber Security, December 2009
By Jim White, Uniloc
Physical device recognition (PDR) technology uses the unique hardware characteristics of a user’s computer to generate a highly unique signature or “device fingerprint” for that specific device. This highly secure “fingerprint” is then used as an online credential that is “locked” to that device for use as its authentication credential.Click here to read full article...

Increased Capabilities of HMIs Offer New Benefits To Industrial Facilities, June 2009
By Dafir Lamdaouar, Schneider Electric
Industrial automation today is requiring more connectivity, performance, cost effectiveness and added-value integrated function, areas that have spurred HMI improvement and innovation. While HMIs have made many technological strides in recent years, the evidence suggests it is just the beginning. Click here to read full article...

Visibility, Enablement, and Process Innovation for a Mobile Workforce

By Wonderware
In a modern plant, the right time to view information is not when you are standing in front of an operator console. It is when you are in the field, in front of a failing piece of equipment or discussing a problem while on the move. More often than not, the right way to deliver information is by putting it in the hands of a mobile worker. Click here to read full article...

Utilizing cellular technology with SCADA applications

By Michael Meirovitz, Control See
Cellular technology can be used with SCADA applications to improve productivity, increase plants’ uptime and prevent damages. Switching from analog modems to cellular modems may improve plant performance and availability significantly. Click here to read full article...

Video Process Monitoring

By Steve Rubin, Longwatch
White paper discusses the newest trend in HMI/SCADA: Embedding video into an HMI screen, so operators can actually see what is happening in a process plant, along an assembly line, or in remote areas. Click here to read full article...

Taking out the Garbage: Making Windows XP suitable as a HMI Platform

By Marty Huff, MSI Tec
Windows XP can provide a robust HMI environment, and has several advantages over either Windows CE or Linux. Out of the box, however, Windows XP is not suitable to act as a HMI / SCADA platform. There are several "tricks" that can be performed to "take out the garbage" thus creating a stable, robust, and secure environment for your application. Read complete article

QSI Offers a New White Paper Analyzing the Build versus Buy Decision in Regards to Human Machine Interface Terminals

by QSI Corporation
QSI Corporation manufacturer of rugged human machine interface terminals, addresses this important issue in the white paper, “Rugged Operator Interfaces: Build versus Buy”. This free white paper provides readers with pros and cons to tough questions to consider when deciding whether to build a human machine interface solution in-house or buy a third-party HMI. Click here for more information

Web-based HMI: An emerging trend?

Once considered impractical for applications requiring responsive animation and real-time control, a new breed of web-based HMI system is starting to appear on plant floors and in manufacturing enterprises. Unlike traditional systems, these web-based systems can economically be extended to every aspect of a business such as QC, maintenance, logistics,  plant manager, and so forth. Now every participant in the manufacturing cycle can have unprecedented access to vital plant production information. Read complete article written by Steven A. Hechtman of Calmetrics Company.

Enterprise HMI Systems: Is the cost too high?

One hears so much about Enterprise HMI and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that it's easy to suppose these systems are everywhere. A visit to almost any manufacturing facility will show the contrary. There is a promise that tomorrow's systems will have a global view of all processes within the plant via the corporate intranet/portal. Why is this a promise of tomorrow? The technology is there and the need is recognized. So why the disconnection? Read complete article written by Steven A. Hechtman of Calmetrics Company.

Insider Tips on Buying a SCADA System

One of the most important and difficult decisions is often the very first decision: do you upgrade with internal resources or hire an outside consultant? Some of the arguments for each side in this debate are obvious. You know what you want better than anyone, but a consultant may have more experience in the actual process of acquiring a SCADA system. There’s a lot to be said in favor of both approaches. Neither is an inherently good or bad approach. Read complete article written by Frank Kling, Control Systems International, Inc.

SCADA/Business Network Separation: Securing an Integrated SCADA System

Global terrorism has the public and media concerned about the security of public utility companies’ critical infrastructure and their SCADA systems. Despite the public fears, there is no reason for utility companies to shun the immense benefits resulting from the integration of SCADA systems and the advantages of the Internet. The threat may be real, but the measures to protect SCADA systems are, fortunately, relatively easy. Read complete article written and provided by Citect.

Optimized Internet Protocol Network for Scada Systems

The basics of an O-IP system are to allow the use of Internet Protocol (IP) over narrow band systems with all the benefits of a licensed RF path. The data rates will be in the 4800 to 19200 bps range with a higher effective throughput. More Info...

Thinking of Using Microsoft Windows NT or XP Embedded?

The use of Microsoft Windows NT and XP Embedded operating systems offers many attractive benefits while providing rich functionality that can be added to an embedded application. More Info...

How do Thin Clients run Windows software without a PC?

Discusses the use of Terminal Server and Thin Client Technology in industrial HMI and SCADA applications. More...

Water Security: The Role of the SCADA System

With security assessments and implementation of appropriate measures receiving the full attention of the water industry, we have been exploring how technology can contribute to these efforts. We have consulted extensively with our users, reviewed measures they have put in place over the years and discussed their latest plans. More Info...

OIL & GAS AMR WebSphere MQSeries Business Integration

This document describes the added benefit available with the complete TCP/IP infrastructure of enabling the delivery of SCADA data from the field to the complete business infrastructure via IBM's WebSphere MQSeries message broker. More Info...