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Standards bodies now are working on a Level IV draft standard to improve the tester accuracy from Level III to Level IV as part of the Category 6a/7 and ISO Class F definitions. These required changes will have a significant impact to all field testers in the market place. Click here to read full article...

The Basics of Digital Multimeters

By Jim Gregorec, Ideal Industries
A digital multimeter (DMM) may look complicated and intimidating at first glance, but once you understand the display, dial, and port panel, you'll have a better grasp of DMM basics. Click here to read full article...

Applying the Right Troubleshooting Tools for Each Situation

By Taz Cantrell and Dan Payerle, Ideal Industries
In an ideal world, network installers would simply complete their work and conduct successful certification tests every time. Knowing what to do when the test fails often can be the make-or-break difference between turning a profit on a network installation or suffering a loss due to excess troubleshooting expenses. Click here to read full article...

Innovations in Corrosion Monitoring

By David Hohenstein, Department Manager
Over the years, corrosion evaluation tools have been developed to help the corrosion engineer do his or her job more efficiently. Finally, corrosion monitoring technology is available that can be easily implemented into standard control room architecture. Read full article...

Isolation Technologies for Reliable Industrial Measurements

Voltage, current, temperature, pressure, strain, and flow measurements are an integral part of industrial and process control applications. Often these applications involve environments with hazardous voltages, transient signals, common-mode voltages, and fluctuating ground potentials capable of damaging measurement systems and ruining measurement accuracy. To overcome these challenges, measurement systems designed for industrial applications make use of electrical isolation. This white paper focuses on isolation for analog measurements, provides answers to common isolation questions, and includes information on different isolation implementation technologies. Read complete white paper...

Data Acquisition For Controls and Instrumentation In 21 CFR Part 11 Applications

Regulations pertaining to electronic records and signatures are incorporated into Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 (21 CFR Part 11)1. This paper explores the effects 21 CFR Part 11 requirements can have for data recording within regulated applications in general and within sanitary environments (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food & beverage) in particular.  Read complete paper by Ravi Jethra of Endress+Hauser.