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3 Reasons Linux Is Preferred for Control Systems

Linux has long been on the "wishlist" for control systems. Until now, most systems have been locked-in to the Windows operating system due to reliance on classic OPC. The name of the game is changing, however, with the arrival OPC-UA. The new standard was designed for cross-platform compatibility, which makes room for Linux to gain popularity in the automated control industry. Click here to read full article...

How will the web influence the next generation of HMIs?

There have been many columns written over the last year regarding the World Wide Web and society’s ever growing reliance on the Internet as an information transfer mechanism. In every aspect of our lives, devices are being interconnected by the Internet and controlled by mobile HMIs. As our love for web services sweeps our personal lives, one must consider what impact the desire for web services may have in the automation arena. Click here to read full article...

Optimizing OPC Communications with OPC Middleware Products

By Wolfgang Langer and Juergen Lange, Softing
OPC middleware products are designed to enhance any OPC-based application. An intelligent set of OPC products simplifies the commissioning and operation of OPC clients and servers, significantly improves the data throughput of your OPC interfaces, and ensures reliable OPC communication links. Click here to read full article...

Buhler's Grain Milling Automation Relies on OPC Technology

By Wolfgang Langer, Softing
Buhler standardized on Softing’s S7/S5 OPC Server to provide reliable connectivity between its WinCoS.r2 grain milling automation system and multiple S7-400 PLCs. Click here to read full article...

OPC Tunneling - Know your options

By Bob McIlvride and Andrew Thomas, Cogent Real-Time Systems
Anyone who has attempted to network OPC knows that it is challenging, at best. This white paper looks at how tunneling solves the issues associated with DCOM, and show you what to look for in an OPC tunneling product. Click here to read full article...

Amcor PET Packaging Streamlines Plant Operations with Kepware

By Kepware
Amcor, a maker of packaging solutions from corrugated board to blister packs and bottles, installed a KepwareEX server to connect Wonderware, Siemens, Allen Bradley and Apriso/SAP applications into a single network via OPC. Click here to read full article...

The Every Man's guide to OPC

Darek Kominek, P.Eng. (Alberta, Canada)
This paper explains how OPC solves modern industry’s growing challenge of accessing and sharing data between devices, controllers, and applications regardless of what their native communications are or what vendor they are from. Read entire article by MatrikonOPC

Communicating Building Information Across the Enterprise with OPC and BACnet

By Eric Murphy, MatrikonOPC
Building automation systems have information to relay about energy management, optimized operating conditions, and asset utilization. Unfortunately, they are all speaking different languages and running into application barriers. These systems can be connected and the obstacles overcome using standard, open protocols: OPC and BACnet. Click here to read full article...

Implementing Successful OPC Projects

By Eric Murphy, MatrikonOPC
The issues associated with OPC projects include multiple data paths, data throughput, guaranteed data delivery and redundancy, network interoperability, communication disruption and recovery, maintainability and geographically disperse systems. Click here to download whitepaper...

Winning the Battle for Interoperability

By Eric Murphy, MatrikonOPC
End users who purchase OPC-compliant products expect reliability, full data information integrity and validated, secure interoperability. The product should seamlessly integrate with existing architecture. To ensure this, the OPC Foundation created the OPC Enhanced Certification Program. Click here to read full article...

Communicating To the Enterprise Isn’t Science Fiction

By MatrikonOPC
Organizations are using OPC to integrate realtime and historic building information into existing business applications to improve the balance between people, infrastructure, facilities and their overall impact on the enterprise bottom line. Click here to read full article...

OPC Interview: OPC Test Lab Certifications

By Bill Lydon, Automation.com
The OPC Foundation is launching certification labs to ensure a high level of quality and reliability of OPC products. Automation.com's Contributing Editor, Bill Lydon, interviewed Tom Burke, OPC Foundation President & Executive Director and Paul Hunkar, Director of Compliance for the OPC Foundation and Consultant engineer for ABB, to learn more about the certification. Read full article.